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tradarcher 07-14-2011 10:21 AM

Removing overload leaf
I want to remove my overload leaf to level out my 2wd. I already have some shackles. I used to have a leaf sprung jeep and replaced the pins in it's leaf packs many years ago but don't remember all I went though. For anyone that has done this, do the springs have to be clamped or will backing off the nut relieve the pressure before the nut becomes a projectile?

RedRam10 07-17-2011 01:06 AM

Hi, I don't have an answer so, it's time to .........:icon_bump:........... this back to the top!

A big welcome to the site too! Drop over to the newbie Checkin to say hi, link in my SIG!

SDoriginal 07-27-2011 11:05 AM

I just flipped my overload spring a few days ago, so this is all fresh for me. With the rear axle supported with jack stands and the frame supported with the jack under the tow hitch, I unbolted the rear shackles and let the leafs hang from the front mounts. Unzip the spring pack bolt with an air gun and the leafs came apart slowly and nicely. No projectile nut or suspension components. Real easy gig. Some clamps will be helpful when bolting it back together, but not necessary.

Some suggestions:
Get a new centering pin that is about 1/2" shorter. With the overload gone, the stock bolt will be too long. And just my 2 cents: with the overload gone, the rear will be MUCH softer. Any load in the back of your truck will sink your fenders into your tires and can damage them pretty bad. I haven't done this but an alternative to removing the overload is clamping the overload to the rest of the pack. I've been told this is a cheap way to get a couple inches lower and doesn't compromise your load capacity. You should be able to pick up some leaf spring clamps at your local autoparts store...

tradarcher 07-27-2011 11:29 PM

Took most of the day considering the heat and other little emergencies I had that came up. Looks like I ended up only lowering it about 1.5”. Can’t remember every little detail about what I did but I did use a c clamp to remove the centering pin. In addition to the centering pin there is also a roll pin that keeps the leafs aligned. This proved to be a problem. When the c-clamp is taken off the leafs will separate and the roll pin will stay stuck in the overload leaf and the bottom leaf. I had to twist the overload leaf back and forth to get it to drop out. One was easier than the other. Afterward it was easy to knock out and cut ” off. This is where I discovered that both of them were cracked/split. Had to fabricate some more. What was so odd is that the crack was identical on each one. The center pin and u-bolts do stick up ” more but that doesn’t seem to be a problem. I also installed the Rough Country lowering shackles at the same time.

Impressions, I am surprised that I only got 1.5” out of doing both the overload leaf removal and the shackles. The first thing I did was get in the bed and jump up and down. I never did this before the conversion but I have been in the bed. I don’t know if this is valid or not but I felt like the spring rate was increased (bouncier). I had no trouble hopping that bed up and down. I got down on it pulling out of the driveway but with a v6 I couldn’t get much going so I couldn’t get it to spring wrap/hop. One thing I was NOT looking for was a better ride. I was floored at how much better the ride was. Even my son confirmed that. I'll have to see how it takes a load. I never planned to put a lot in it anyway.

So far I am very pleased. Even though it was only a 1.5” drop I can see the profile has changed. The truck appears more level. I can drop the tail gate and easily pop my cheeks on it now. Like an idiot I did not get any before profile pics but I can take some after pics tomorrow.

SDoriginal 07-28-2011 11:10 AM

Im really surprised you only got 1.5" as well, the shackles alone sould have gotten you that much. strange, post up some pics!

tradarcher 07-30-2011 03:09 PM

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