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ArmyofOne 07-17-2011 10:26 PM

*Moddin' on a Budget*---The Ultimate Cheap Mod Thread...
Hey ya'll. The idea behind this thread is that you can post up any and all mods you have done, for under $100. This way, they are all in one spot, when users search "Cheap Mods" this will be one of the first things on the list.

Perhaps we can sticky it?

The only rules are:

-If you list a mod, you have to have done it and have real-world experience with the results.

-Either provide search criteria or provide a link to a How-To if there is one available.

My contributions to this list are:

-HID's ($50 shipped used, but have seen kits for under $100)
-Breather Filter mod: $20
-Mopar Mud Flaps: $100
-K&N Drop-In Air Filter: $50
-Front Window Tint (DO NOT DIY): $100
-In-Channel Window Visor's: $60

geek82 07-17-2011 11:16 PM

These! The Square ones with one rounded corner. No more blind spots, and great for backing into tight places. $3 each from Walmart. Everyone should have a pair.

Next mod will be front window tint. Agreed about getting it professionally done. I tried DIY window tint on my Tempo back in high school....disaster. The pros earn every penny.

doz 07-17-2011 11:18 PM

Tinting taillights w/ VHT niteshades. Have done multiple cars and its an excellent mod IMO.

$14 for VHT
$10 for ClearCoat
$10 for materials (sanding paper, steel wool)

Leveling kit. Fairly cheap, under $100 for a couple kits. I went with HBS which was $75 shipped.

Juice420 07-17-2011 11:22 PM

Stubby antenna, debadge, tailgate damper, painting grilles, mirrors etc. body color, painting the engine cover and other underhood components and everything stated above. That's about it.

Stump3r 07-17-2011 11:29 PM

LED Floor Lighting $35.00 with led strips from Walmart

LED Dome and Map Lights - These were expensive at $75.00 but can be had cheaper.

Deluxe Molded Mud Guards - Can't remember exact figures but well under a hundred.

Sickspeed Stubby Antenna - Super cheap little mod $10.95, sacrifice some FM reception for great looks.

Decals - There are a whack of decals to be had out there for making your Ram your own priced from a couple bucks on up.

ArmyofOne 07-17-2011 11:55 PM

This is great stuff y'all! Keep it comin'! :cool:

Quiet Lunatic 07-18-2011 12:01 AM

17.95 on ebay :) should i get?

Ok bought the cig lighter :).17.95
-blue led map/cargo lights 20.97
-vanillaroma trees 3.00(give or take)

What I have for now....

ArmyofOne 07-18-2011 12:19 AM

^thats up to you RamGuy...I wouldnt really consider that a Mod though :LOL:.

mrboots 07-18-2011 01:22 AM

Painting interior trim pieces for me. It totally transforms the interior of the truck and definitely makes it feel unique. With good prep, adhesion promotor, and light coats, you can make any interior piece look good. I'm a big fan of union a metal flake, metallic, sparkly, ect type color matched paint myself.

E.L.D. 44 07-18-2011 01:48 AM

I don't remember the prices on these mods(I try to forget as soon as I buy them so that I don't get depressed) but I know they were all under a 100.

BT cigarrette lighter delete
Cabin air filter retrofit
Painted all of my interior trim that was silver white
Different 4x4 emblem
Challenger style hood stripes
Front tint
Lamin-x tint on the fogs
Billet stubby antenna
Smoked 3rd brake light from eBay
Aftermarket LED tails smoked from craigslist(right at 100. Got a great deal)
Brake LED light bar
Reverse LED light bar
Red LED lighting under the dash and seats
LED interior and license plate lights
Painted Volant CAI top
Mopar T-handle shifter
Painted shifter white and paint filled the M black
Powdercoated my exhaust tips(friend did it for 20 bucks)
LED bed rail lights

I think that's all of it. I'll edit my post if I think of any more...

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