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E.L.D. 44 07-19-2011 11:14 PM

E.L.D. 44's build thread
Hey guys! Lately I have noticed a lot of "build threads" popping up and I think it's a great idea. I have done a lot of things to my truck in a short amount of time and most of them I haven't made any write-ups for. Well, it's time to quit being lazy and get off my butt! So this is my attempt at a build thread, but I am going to do things a little different. This is going to be my master thread. Every mod I have done will get posted in here along with pictures. The bigger mods, or ones that require directions, will get their own thread in the most appropriate category and I'll post the link in this one. I figure that will make it easier for people looking for specific topics to find them. Thanks for looking guys and if you have any questions just ask!

My truck is a 2011 Crew Cab Sport 4x4. I found this one in Waco and had my dealer transport it up to OKC. It has every option Dodge offered except for: sunroof, 3.92s(mistake), power pedals, 32 gallon tank, entertainment package, and the internet. It also came with the chrome tubular side steps and the sport hood.


My truck is really dirty in some of these pics. I work outside and by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is go out in this heat and wash my truck.
Also, I am really sorry for all of my typos. I was exhausted when I was typing this thing out and it showed. I tried to go back and fix them. If I missed any let me know and I will edit some more.

Here is the thread for the background on the truck-
My original picture thread-
I have several mods that I have at home waiting to be installed. I will add them to this thread this weekend and I’ll continue to update this thread on everything I do…

Exterior Mods:

Front Tint- I had the dealer do this before delivery so I don't have a before and after pic. I just had them match the factory tint and I have been pretty happy with it.

Debadged- I did this right when I got the truck and I dont really have any pics as I was going through the process. In my prior vehicles I just used a heat gun and pried the lettering off and used acetone to get the remaining residue off. Followed it up with a wax and I was done. For some reason that just didn't work with the Ram. I think it has to do with the larger size of the badges so they used more adhesive than other companies. It took me forever to do it my way. After I was done I searched for debadging and noticed I was doing it wrong. lol. For the Ram I would highly recommend fishing line to remove the badging and then using an eraser wheel to remove the residue. I am going to post a link to Razorbass debadging thread instead. I doubt that I could do a better job than he did in his write-up

Bumper Plugs- Just as the name eludes to, these cover the holes in the front bumper from installing a license plate. My truck was originally at a Texas dealer so they put a license plate there before I took possession of it. When I got the Bumper Plugs in, I drilled out the holes per the install instructions and just pushed them in. Be careful not to push on the edges because that can crack the paint. It's not as clean as no holes, but it’s hard to notice them unless you know what you are looking for.

Billet shorty antenna- I purchased this off of eBay. I don't think a write-up is really needed. lol. The sellers name is ndzperformance. They shipped it out promtly and packaged it well. It was a little expensive for an antenna, but I was okay with it. You can always go to autozone and get a similar product...

4x4 Emblem- I didn't like the look of the stock emblem, but I got tired of people asking if my truck was 4 wheel drive. This emblem is off of the 2008 Ford Explorer and Sportrac. I know. I know. It's not Dodge, but I liked the black theme and the font they used.

E.L.D. 44 07-19-2011 11:20 PM

Challenger Style Hood Stripes-I bought these on eBay but you can find them at several places by doing a google search for "dodge ram sport hood hash stripes". I paid 60 bucks I believe and had them put on by my dealer. I was quoted 50 bucks by their accessory guy and I didn't want to mess with lining these up with body lines on two different panels. He ended up doing it for free because he couldn't get a bubble out of one of the stripes. 24 hours later no more bubble! lol Thanks!

Mopar Tonneau Cover, Bedrug, and LED Bed Lights- I love all three! I went with the Mopar cover because I could get it straight from Dodge which in my mind raised the odds of having the paint match and also because of the design. I love the lip at the end and the raised middle section. It is actually a Leer cover(or so I was told). Dodge hired them to produce these for them. It makes sense to me since the Leer cover has a very similar design to this one. The Bedrug is surprisingly durable. They say that it is chemical, grease, and stain resistant and so far it is living up to it billing. That and it looks so damn cool! The lights are made by Anzo. If i remember correctly they are called "LED truck bed lights". They are made for a 8 foot bed so I doubled up the lights towards the tailgate to give me more light right there. That also kept me from having to cut any wires. The kit calls for wiring them into the cargo light. I didn’t want to have to open a door to get the lights on so I ran a wire from the battery, put in an inline fuse for safety, grounded it in the bed, and installed a switch in the bedrug. I love the setup! It’s very convenient and doesn’t require the truck to be on.

Bilstein 5100 Height Adjustable Shocks- I don’t have any install thread for this since I didn’t put it on. I had a ton of things going on and it was easier to pay someone to do it for me. Great way to level out your ride! I only did the front and put mine on the 2.1 inch, or second highest, option…

E.L.D. 44 07-19-2011 11:21 PM

BT 3D Front/Rear Badges- I cannot say enough about these badges or the folks at BT! I had a lengthy wait to get the badges and there were some setbacks along the way. I was told 8-10 weeks initially before the badges would be done. I called on the 8 week mark and I was told that they were behind, but would have them done in 2-2 1/2 weeks. At the 11 week mark I sent another email. This time Heidi is the one that answered. They had a huge contractual order and had to drop everything. I told her I was upset about the situation. She offered my down payment back until my badges were finished and 20% off my total bill. I said that I appreciate the offer but it wasn't about the money. I explained why I wanted them so bad and what they meant. That they were my dad's number and to me the center point of the whole truck. That's when Heidi immediately took over, comped the remaining balance, and got them out to me pronto. When I asked for a t-shirt or something that I could use to advertise for her at shows and such she said no. She said I didn’t do it to get something back, I did it because it was the right thing to do. WOW! BTW-the debt she forgave was pretty big, and she did it without batting an eye. To do something like that for a complete stranger says a lot about her character. From now on I will always be a loyal BT customer! This company and the people in it forever have my gratitude!!!

LED smoked taillights- I purchased these "as-is" off of craigslist. They were from a former Ram 2500 owner. I don't know a whole lot about them. When I found out he only wanted 100 dollars for them I didn't sit around too long after I paid for them. They kind of look like anzo lights but I am not sure. To remove the taillights, there are two screws on the inside of the taillight towards the tailgate. Take those out and then just pull straight out. Very simple to remove the 4th gens taillights. Here are a few pics of them in the daytime and night...
Smoked 3rd brake light-
Brake and Reverse light bar- I wanted both of these to help with lighting at night. When I smoked my tails I had a hard time using my rear view camera and since I back into parking spots this was problematic. I wanted the brake light bar for added safety for those behind me just in case my tinted LED tails were not bright enough. What I have now is a really, really, bright set of brake lights. ha ha. I would rather be safe than sorry though. No need for a write-up really. 3M backing. AAC did them for me when I was down there. It's simple though. Just tie into the brake lights and viola!
Brake lights-

LED license plate lights- Self explanatory. lol.

E.L.D. 44 07-19-2011 11:27 PM

I had all the work done at AAC since there were no halo kits for the 4th gen Rams. They took apart the housing, smoked the reflector, painted the housings satin black, and fabbed up some dual color white/red halo rings for me. They are SICK!!! I love them. I also had HIDs put into the lows and fogs. I have since put lamin-x tint on the foglights to complete the smoked look. The lamin-x is very easy to install, but I suggest doing it while the lenses are wet. The instructions say you can do it dry, but it’s too difficult to adjust the film that way.

My driving lights J

T-Rex Billet Grill and Bumper Insert- One of my favorite mods.

Wheels and Tires-
I went with the Procomp 7033 20x9 wheels wrapped with Hankook 305/55/20 Dynapro ATm tires. I love the combo. The tires are agressive, big, and had great reviews. If I was to do it again I would have gotten 18” wheels though. The black rim and tire blend together and make the tire seem smaller than it really is, at least to me anyway

E.L.D. 44 07-19-2011 11:29 PM

Bushwacker pocket flares- A must have if you are going to get a more aggressive, wider tire. These provide all the protection I wanted for my side panels from rocks and debris from the roadway. I had my dealer paint them to match and install them when installing my tires. I bought the lifetime warranty and they offered me the tire and wheel hazard which covers any tire/wheel as long as they mount them. Since I was already in there I just had them install these too.

AMP Powersteps- I love these things! They are proud of them $$$ but rightfully so. They are definitely towards the top of the list of things I get complimented on the most. The instructions say the install is a 4 out of 4. I felt that they were pretty easy to install, but you have to be willing to tie into your fuse box. I didn’t think they were hard, just time consuming, and I would definitely do it with a friend. One tool that will make these a lot easier to install is self-ratcheting open ended wrenches. If I remember correctly the sizes are 10 and 13mm. The way they designed the brackets you can’t get a socket wrench around the bolt and you will be there a while with a normal wrench…believe me. Total time took about 4 hours. The instructions are really good and everything is really easy except for the brackets.

E.L.D. 44 07-19-2011 11:32 PM

Performance/Engine Bay Mods:


Volant CAI- I love this thing! It really changed the sound of the intake and definitely made an increase in the fun factor of the truck. My biggest complaint is the top. The metal top was peeling bad. I ended up sanding it all off and painting it bright white to match the truck. Turned out to be a blessing instead of a curse. I love it now! I haven’t painted my engine topper because I am waiting to supercharge this bad boy!!!

BT engine dress kit and Catch can- I love both of these. The stock yellow tops were cramping my style. Lol. They were really easy to put on. Just slide them over the stock covers and tighten down the hex screw on the side. As far as the catch can I’m gonna steal someone else’s thread. Dgard61 did a great job with this write-up!


B&I Dash Kit- Very easy to install. I would recommend buying the biggest kit so you can pick and choose which pieces you use and which ones you won't. I bought the 36 piece kit I believe and I probably only used 20 of the pieces. I was able to pick and choose with ones I thought looked good and which ones were too much for my tastes. My prep consisted of using rubbing alcohol to clean my interior. If you use something really oily like armor-all on your dash you may need a cleaner as well. The B&I pieces are vinyl with 3m adhesive backing. Just peel and stick. I would start with the little pieces and get the hang of it and go from there. It was a very simple and quick mod. Below is a picture of the finished product...

Interior LED upgrade-I am going to steal Stump3r's thread on this one. He thought ahead and got some before and after shots. Very easy upgrade!

E.L.D. 44 07-19-2011 11:33 PM

Weathertech Floormats- They are awfully proud of them, are exempt from online sales, and took a while to get here but I have been happy with them so far. They fit really well, and although they seem thin, they are very strong and hold their shape nicely...

Mopar Door Sills- Pretty nice product. I couldn't find many options for the 4th gens so this is what I went with. They install over the stock plastic door gaurds. Just pull the plastic trim up, put these over it and bend the metal tabs around the plastic trim to hold them in place, and press the plastic trim piece back down. It took all of 10 minutes. I like them so far. The finish isn't as durable as I would have hoped, but they look better than the plastic! PN M82210951

Mopar Carbon Fiber Door Bolsters- One of my first mods and I love them. Really breaks up the doors well without overdoing it. I used rubbing alcohol to clean the doors and these just apply with 3m tape that is on the back. PN M82210954

Cabin Air Filter Retrofit- Very simple mod. Again, I am stealing someone else's write up.

Painted Interior Dash and Mopar T-handle Shifter-

BT Cigarette Lighter Delete- Simple little mod. Just fold the old one down and twist it off. This one just slides on

E.L.D. 44 07-19-2011 11:36 PM

Red LED interior lighting- As with most of my lighting mods I wanted these to be independent of anything else so I ran wire directly from the battery, thru the firewall boot, and to the driver side kickpanel in the center console. There I installed a switch and 3m’ed it to the back side of that panel to remain hidden. I used Oracle SMD strips for the lights. I installed them under each seat, connecting them to a support bar with zip ties, and running the wires under the console towards the switch. On the passenger side I used 3m to stick a strip to the support that runs behind the lower glove box, again running the wires inside the console and thru to the drivers side. On the drivers side under the dash it’s a little tricky. I wanted them as close to the front as possible and pointing down to give off the most light possible so I used 3m and zip ties and strung it along directly under the dash. I connected all the lights together and ran one set of wire to the switch. Very cool at night, but the red is hard to see in the daytime
Under the seat
Under the passenger glove box
Drivers side dash
Finished product

E.L.D. 44 07-19-2011 11:39 PM

Katzkin Seats-I cannot say enough good things about these seats! I need to have them fitted a little better, but other than that awesome! I had originally priced what I wanted on and I was about to order them. I called up my dealer and asked them who they use to install the katzkin seats. They sent me over to Vinyl Top Specialists in OKC. They were great! They matched the price I was quoted online,,,,with install! I went in that day, paid for the seats and they ordered them and had them shipped next day air. I had a custom set of seat in 2 days. We sent the front seats over to be monogrammed and had them installed the next day. Gary, the owner, gave me a ride to work after dropping my truck off and offered to come and get me if I couldn’t find a ride back to his shop. Awesome guy and awesome company. The seats I ordered are dark slate tuscany leather bolsters, slate gray suedeskin inserts, perforated, with red stiching. The upgrades were expensive, but they really make the seats stand out in a crowd!

916Timmy 07-20-2011 12:08 AM

Great mod thread! This is up there with MADDOG's SRT build and his truck thread! Major awesomeness! I'm lucky to have seen this bad boy in person, and the pictures don't do it justice!!!


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