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TORMENTOR 07-21-2011 11:15 AM

Diablo sport response
So I along with others on this forum have had some concern about the diablo sport predator and if it affects warranty work. So I decided to email their tech support and ask them if the dealer can detect if the tune was on our trucks after putting it back to stock for warranty work.

The response I got this morning:
No sir, if you load your stock tune back in the vehicle, the dealership can not tell that there’s been a tune in there.

So there you have it, directly from diablo and regards to their tune

BlackRamHemi 07-21-2011 01:17 PM

I've got it direct from a Chrysler Tech, that he can tell everytime the PCM has been accessed from a non dealer star scan tool.

True, the Dealer can not tell exactly what was installed or removed or what changes were made because all traces are removed,
but if the latest reset (Flash) is not on record from as coming from a dealerships authorized star scan, they "can" claim it was accessed from a non authorized source ie:Tuner.

You cant even claim it was another dealership that accessed your OBDII port with their tool because All Star Scans are linked to each other via your trucks VIN.

Discussion from about a year ago (Aug 2010)

Originally Posted by skeeter200c

i was told at the dealer that they now can find traces from a install even if you uninstall it and they can void your warranty on the 2010 ram is this true


Originally Posted by dodgeboy222

this is 100% true. each time the pcm is flashed from either the dealership or you, it will count each time its been flashed.
so lets say you come in for a trani problem and the trani is slipping. if the tech goes into the pcm and looks for this and finds its been flashed lets say.....4 times. so then he checks the trucks history and finds its only been flashed once, your screwed !!
SOMETIMES ...... when you "unload" your performance tune it will leave a stored code that is "ecu internal performance". that code will throw up red flags as to you have/had a tuner. this code will be set but no "check engine light" will be on so you may not even know it.
a tech can look at run time and a few other thing. you cant have 14,000 miles with 2 hrs of run time.
I'm a tech. i see this on a regular basis. i never say anything, but i do see it.

Originally Posted by MGRAM-10

Do you know which programmers are leaving the traces? Superchips says no footprint or trace and if they do they are posting incorrect information which may be illegal to do, i was told by a local dodge tech the computer will only store 300miles of data since it is limited to its storage capacity and that 300miles should be more then enough time to collect all data for the problem and cause, i would love to be a tech myself so i can get 100% truth out of all this computer talk


Originally Posted by dodgeboy222im not real sure of the 300 mile thing. and no ihave no idea what tuner leaves a mark. and from the techs seat, he doesnt know that a "tuner" left the mark. all he see's is that chrysler flashed the pcm once and it says it been flashed like 7 times.
so its asumed that the customer had/has a tuner. this is the only way it would multiple flashed attemps.

Originally Posted by teton

can anyone flash your PCM besides a chrysler tech? a tech are you required to put in the computer every time it is flashed?....

If thats not the case I might say something like, "I was out in middle of nowhere and it started acting up, so I took it to the nearest chrysler dealer, and the tech said he flashed it," something like that.....

obviously if you are regularly re-flashing...experimenting etc...this would not work...probably only for canned tunes....


Originally Posted by dodgeboy222

yes, the dealership is the only one that can flash it.
As part for the paper work process i have to document evrything i do. the way we get paid is 100% commission. so the only way i get paid is by doing something. so if i have to flash a truck (i'd like to get paid for it) i have to document that on the repair order.
doesnt matter where you go. all of your repair history is viewable by any dealership, as long as it was done at a dealership.
as a tech, i'm super cool about tuners. i never say anything. i'm also a diesel tech. i cant tell you how many turbos, injectors and other shit i have replaced due to tuners. sometimes ill say something to the owner like "i know what you did". they just smile and throw a few buck in my pocket to make it go warrenty. i'm a gear head too, i like to go fast and all of that stuff to. i'm not going to buy a superchips until they get all the shifting issues ironed out or until i see track or dyno numbers.

TORMENTOR 07-21-2011 03:00 PM

Sent another message to diablo voicing those concerns, see what they say

erm 07-21-2011 03:27 PM

Easy to explain if they got a CEL, pulled the code, then cleared it.

BlackRamHemi 07-21-2011 03:35 PM

From a Current discussion on another board :


Originally Posted by firemn10 (Post 4002096)
it's not the fact of leaving a "signature". A tech can see if your factory rev limit or speed limit has been exceded and THAT's how they tell if your truck has been tuned or not. Obviously a truck with a factory tune would NOT be able to break the factory rev/speed limit parameters. It's simple, if you don't change these parameters, you more than likely won't get busted.


Originally Posted by firemn10 (Post 4002239)
The engine ECM records the top rev and speed limits that are reached. Any tech can plug in their advanced diagnostic computer and access the stored files on the truck and examine the factory parameters. If those parameters have been breached, then you have left a SIGNATURE. I understand exactly what the word means, you're talking to someone who as personally experienced this EXACT situation with my local dealership. I had a tuner that was "gauranteed to leave no footprint" and well, it did. By altering my rev and speed limiters, the dealership was able to tell my truck had been tuned within 5 minutes of having it hooked up to their diagnostic tool. Luckily for me, i know them on a personal basis and they let it slide and covered my claim under warranty anyways (tranny), but they said if the claim were to be red-flagged by corporate that said claim would be retracted and I would be on my own. Luckily for me again, the claim made it through corporate without a hitch.

The bottom line is this; buy a tuner at your OWN risk. You can't expect to install something that modifies your truck in such a way that it acts/runs different than factory and have said problem covered under a FACTORY warranty. A factory warranty covers just that; factory parts that are ran/used under factory specs without modification. To me; a tuner is well worth the investment and it's a risk I'm willing to take, and that's exactly what it is; a risk.

TORMENTOR 07-21-2011 10:07 PM


Originally Posted by MADDOG (Post 573221)
Easy to explain if they got a CEL, pulled the code, then cleared it.

From what i read, clearing a code and modifying the ecm show up differently when they scan it. I dunno... i like tuners but i dont like the fact they ruin your warranty even if the issue may have nothing to do with the tuner, if they find it, you will have a fight on your hands. Got my hopes up for a minute when contacting diablo. Once i told them about the first reply i got on this thread, this was his response:

"Sir, we have 1000’s of people with our tool in their vehicle and no warranty issues. Just make sure you set the vehicle back to stock and do not tell them you have a tuner."

TORMENTOR 07-21-2011 10:12 PM

After that response i replied with:

"I understand most people don't have issues. I'm asking though IF it is possible for it to be detected at all. Because in the end if it is, then that comes down to the dealership to decide if they are going to raise a red flag about it. I don't want to invests couple hundred if there is a risk I could lose thousands in warranty repair. This is why I ask it, it's a legitimate question that I and many others have about this product

TORMENTOR 07-22-2011 10:21 AM

Got a reply back:

"There is no way for them to tell sir.* Let me ask you this, how many of these guys on your forum have actually reverse engineered one of these computers in your vehicle, I’m willing to bet none.* We have, and I’m telling you they can not tell as long as you put the stock tune back in.* That and I highly doubt they would give you much of a problem anyways, if you search the forums, you will see there are dealerships that actually sell our tool.* Other than that, there is nothing more that I can tell you and if you are that concerned about it and do not want to believe what we tell, then maybe our tool is not right for you."

I think he likes me..

snrusnak 07-22-2011 11:14 AM


I think he likes me..

In reality what he's saying is right, the dealerships can't really tell, but the aftermarket companies can't guarantee that the dealerships won't figure out a way or don't have a way to tell. So really the end answer to everyone who asks this question is that there is no guarantee that dealers can't recognize you had it tuned, and if you aren't comfortable with that then it might not be suited to you... That being said, I've never heard of anyone having an issue...

BlackRamHemi 07-22-2011 12:00 PM

I think the only "safe" way to tune a 4G Ram is to stay within the canned tune parameters,
Keep your rev's below 5800 and your shift points at 5600 (stock)
that's what i was told when I bought my Bully Dog GT right from their Tech guy.

anything higher gets recorded on your "little black box" and the Dealer Can see those

If you ever exceed the stock revs or speed limiters that are factory set, they will see it even if returned to stock tuning

Personally, I'm willing to take my chances the dealer wont know, wont look or wont care if/when I break my tranny
if they do and its on my dime I can at least rebuild it to stronger specs or replace it with a better unit instead of fixing/repairing a weak a$$ excuse for a trans...only for me to break it again.

I LOVE shifting my Ram at 6400 RPM with my Diablo 93 tune,
and cant stand to drive it at stock settings now...its a dog in comparison once your use to a well tuned Hemi.

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