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Reddog170 07-22-2011 12:39 AM

Front end advise needed..
Ok well to start off I was going to get into the front end, just was not first on the list. Sometimes it feels like it is "pushing" the front, the steering always feels loose, and when you hit a large bump going more then about 45 the truck will shake and bounce like a super ball in a paint shaker.
Well I took it to work today, first time I drove it more that a couple miles from home. When i got to work I sat on the edge of the seat looking at the front wheel and spring and wiggled the steering wheel. What I saw was scary. The entire front axle moves side to side about an inch before the wheels start to turn. Now as scary at it seems I am thinking that it is worn out bushings, joints and track bar ends. Now I have never messed with this type of front end setup before so I hope someone will jump in and tell me how to take on the job of redoing the entire front end. Thank You, Shaun

SnowChief 07-22-2011 03:20 PM

I would take it to a repair shop and have them do an assesment and provide you a quote to fix it. Then decide what you want to do but I would not try yourself if you do not feel you have the expertise; too much at stake.

Reddog170 07-23-2011 01:13 AM

Yep did that this morning and got a quote of almost $2000 to get it fixed, including an alignment. When I asked him what all it needed he said that the pushing feeling is a bad caliper, this may also be causing the pull to one side. The control arm bushings are shot and falling apart, the track bar needs replaced, and both top ball joints are shot.
I know that sounds like a lot but when I priced all the parts myself I can get them for under $400. So my plan is to get the parts, along with some others, gather a couple of my friends and spend a weekend rebuilding the front end.
This rebuild will also include the outer U joints, new axle bearings and seals, new ring and pinion, and an air locker. Not sure when I will get all the parts and people together but it is going to be interesting. One of the guys I am going to get to help works as a mechanic at the local Dodge dealership. Thank You, Shaun

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