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jmopar20 07-23-2011 03:43 PM

Header Install!!
I've installed headers on a roadrunner, a ramcharger and a powerwagon, and all were extremely difficult....the headers i've found for my the 318 in my 97 Ram don't look the same, and looking under the hood it doesnt appear to be that my questions is, how difficult is it!!! What kind of problems will I run into trying to get them to fit?? Thanks guys in advance for the help/advice/pics/ whatever!!!!

RedRam10 07-24-2011 11:52 PM

Hi, all I can suggest is to go slow and since I don't have experience yet, it's time to .........:icon_bump:........... this back to the top!

The Codes 08-02-2011 10:57 AM

I havnt installed mine yet but I have researched it and I remember that one side was a breeze and the other was somewhat difficult to fit but once you got it there it fit well.

jmopar20 08-03-2011 09:12 PM

hmm...just by the look of it, i believe the passenger side wont be much of a problem, but the driver side may be a different story....i went ahead and ordered me some, I couldnt wait and already had the dual exhaust with the x pipe and flows installed yesterday so i hope everything bolts up well

98 Ram 08-21-2011 06:32 PM

Hello I've owned 4 ram (3 gassers, 1 24v). Its easier than you think hoss. The passenger side will be a piece of cake the driver side will be a pain in the ass cause you have to do gymnastics to get the bolts in right. MAKE SURE TO BACK THE BOLTS BOLTS UP TO LINE THEM UP OR THEY WILL MOST LIKELY CROSSTHREAD AND THAT IS A BITCH TO FIX!!!! secondly get you a aluminum gasket. It will seat better. other than those two things youll be fine.

MoparGuy86 08-21-2011 08:52 PM

I have put some on my 5.9, should be the exact same thing. They are easy, I think I did mine in 30 minutes. DEFINITELY make sure you spend the money and get the Aluminum gaskets. I used Percy's gaskets and they worked great, I haven't had any leaks what so ever!

mr.lopar 08-21-2011 09:22 PM

long tube or shortys? i installed shorty on my 99 and it was a piece of cake, took me a lil longer cuz installed a catless y-pipe at the same time. passenger side is as easy as takin candy from a baby, drivers side back bolts might give ya a lil trouble cuz of the brake booster right there

The Codes 08-21-2011 09:58 PM

Stage 8 has some locking header bolts, with a good gasket and a set of those I would think they should keep a good seal for the life of their existence. Thats what I plan on doing when I put mine on next summer.

crip 08-21-2011 10:47 PM

great timing i just got some flow-tech shorty's and plan on installing soon, with flowmaster force2 cat back. who makes the catless y pipe mentioned above?

mr.lopar 08-21-2011 11:26 PM

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