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SuperiorStyles 07-30-2011 08:07 PM

4.7 ticking in morning means alot of things
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Hey guys i wanna take the time to tell you what could happen if you don't take care of that ticking under your hood. Mine also started in the morning and with the light ticking and i done the oil changes and all maintenance that the truck can ever need. I have done all the solution and sometimes it seem to go away. on Thursday the ticking started while i was driving 55 mph on the highway. out of 3 years of a nice and quiet engine it all went to hell when i lost all power and pulled over to find a rocker arm sticking out of my valve cover. so guys get the valves and rockers checked and even if they seem tight crank it and look again.
you never know. :att:

platinuminjected 07-30-2011 09:57 PM

thats shitty bud and mine only ticks when she is not warmed up but it goes away after the engin idols down

starquestbd22 07-30-2011 10:30 PM

Dang, that does suck. Sorry to hear about your bad luck. What you gonna do? Fix it? Sell it? If you have it fixed would you mind posting who you take it to, how it goes, and how much it runs you? How many miles are on your truck?

My knowledge is limited when it comes to internals....what type of damage would this failure cause? Would it be limited to replacing head components?

SuperiorStyles 07-31-2011 12:11 AM

yep mine started like that 3 years ago platiuminiected just take care of it.
Starquestbd22: I'm gonna keep the truck it's fully paid since the day i got it. I'm the 1st owner of my truck and hopefully the last so what ill do is buy another engine with less miles and build it up with all high performance parts and then remove the blown engine and rebuild stock it keep as a spare just in case. all i know it's a long journey ahead.

SuperiorStyles 07-31-2011 12:29 AM

Starquestbd22: when something like this happen it could mean engine pinging due to a failed injector and the cylinder going lean, engine overheat or poor oiling system there are many things that can happen. In my case i don't know cause all my gauges looked normal the engine was running great until it shutdown doing 55 mph on cruise control on the highway. Something must of fail while driving. When i checked the compression today 2 and 4 has 90 psi of compression so a head gasket is blown and I'm sure the head got warp. the engine turns over but shut down quick so I'm just gonna remove it and inspect more until i see what i come across and improve it in the next engine. As far as building another i will be doing it. getting another donor engine will run $2000 to $3000 with low miles. I found one yesterday with 53,000 still running but crash on the rear of the vehicle. When i went to see it it was still clean and a little minor dust but no knocking or sign of sludge. My truck had just hit 150,000 miles on Monday but it had no sludge no lack of performance and good compression So this low mile engine i went to see would be great. Well as soon as i get pictures and info on what happen ill keep you posted.

SuperiorStyles 08-15-2011 03:36 PM

Update: I called the dealer in my area to find out about my engine rebuild and dealer will be $8594.84 exact to get it rebuild. Which for them is not knowing if the engine has any other problem like a crack block or crack head. the good thing is that it will have a 100,000 mile warranty so it's like buying a new truck again.

I will be rebuilding the engine my self and adding some compression and better gaskets. so ill update later on.

bigredtruck 08-17-2011 12:19 PM

pinging on a startup is usually just a sign of low oil pressure. notice how it goes away after a few minutes?? bingo! oil pressure up...pinging gone. have a nice day

snrusnak 08-17-2011 01:02 PM

Is the head actually damaged? and the valve? If not then just replace the broken "rocker" or whatever they are called on OHC motors and put a new valve cover on and be done with it in half to a full day...

SuperiorStyles 08-18-2011 01:38 AM bigredtruck
funny you say that cause my oil pump is running perfect. Ticking is not only from low oil pressure but other things like worn timing chain slap which is known in 4.7 also worn cam lobes or a really bad lifter cause by sludge that 4.7 build up due to poor Pcv location design. I think you might have low oil pressure in the morning if you hear yours to come up with that possible theory. Oil pressure would be one of the noticeable things you find when you look at the main bearings and mine are clean and normal wear.

Snrusnak: the head seem to have normal wear nothing i see that may cause the rocker arm to fly out. i going to rebuild the motor completely and take measurements and see what has warp or what spike while driving. I rather be sure nothing is warp or crack then just replace and reinstall the "ROCKER". Things are better done right then having to go back and be to late.

SuperiorStyles 08-18-2011 12:13 PM

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Update : So far i removed the heads the passenger side seem to have a manufacturer weak lifter valley that cracked and let the rocker arm get loose. Two valve seats got loose and tried to come out but the valve close trapping them between the valve and head.
So far it was not a lean air fuel mixture or injector or a ping, Gasket failure but a weak Cylinder head. Well time for a new one. I'm going to continue down the block and finish the complete rebuild and machine everything and get measurements back to factory to start building. Here are some pics of the Passenger side cylinder head. No sludge found which is great for 150,000 miles.
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