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The Codes 08-17-2011 10:19 AM

The Codes Mod Thread
So I decided to follow in the footsteps of some of you other guys, and have made a mod thread :D
So unfortunately when I switched phones I lost all the stock pictures of my truck and a lot of some of the early mods I did, maybe one day Ill try to recover them for yall, but for now I found a few pictures that were similar to my truck in its stock state! Just a little back ground this truck used to be my dads and was his work truck, he used and abused this truck but we have never had any big problems with her. He gave me the truck as my first vehicle and I have been trying to make her my own ever since and he and my mom tell me all the time how proud of me they are for sticking with my “old truck” and making her look so good :D Things are coming along, I have lots of plans for this truck, with summer work and college taking up a lot of my time I am pretty content with the progress I have made. So after my ranting…lol it begins…

So here is a picture I found on google of a 98 that is pretty much identical to how my truck looked, minus a few inches of lift lol

And here is a picture I found on google as well of a stock engine similar to mine, minus all the dirtyness lol

The Codes 08-17-2011 10:26 AM

My first mod was my K&N CAI
Next was a flowmaster 40 that was a 1 in 1 out, that I don’t have any pictures of L but it was replaced with a flowmaster 44 1 in 2 out, that was dualed out with 2.5’’ piping and tips, as well as a replacement magnaflow universal cat, and a new fabed piped from the cat to the muffler with a bung for the o2 sensor (replaced both pre and post 02 sensors, new pipe was made because neither myself or my exhaust guy could get the old post o2 sensor out…) for all you magnaflow people out there…plan on trying magnaflow eventually! Give it some time J

The Codes 08-17-2011 10:35 AM

Next was new headlights! My stockers were nice, yellow, and oxidized. So I replaced them with some new aftermarket halo projectors with black housings, my dad, his friend and I had a time figuring out the Iv also included pictures of the foglights that my dad installed when he had the truck lol

The Codes 08-17-2011 10:39 AM

Next up was replacing all 4 stock shocks after 154,000 miles with 4 new rancho shocks, as well as painting the brake calipers and drums red J
Heres a few pics of the shocks
Heres a picture of one of the painted drums, didn’t include a caliper pic because they aren’t very noticeable with the stock 3 spoke rims.
Next was a viper one way alarm/keyless entry system, I know my dad had a stock one on there but somewhere down the road it was lost and out of function. So after a few months of unlocking the truck with a key, this was a must have lol at the same time I got a new head unit installed.

The Codes 08-17-2011 10:43 AM

Got some tinted windows as well, “limo” tint all the way around except the two front windows, those are what the legal limit is for my area, but am highly considering going limo all the way around for that uniform look…also including photos of my dash cover that I got to cover the hideous cracks on the dash..wasnt fond of the look at first but it has grown on me over time and Im content with it J

The Codes 08-17-2011 10:45 AM

Next…had to get some more aggressive tires and get rid of the nearly bald highway tires! Was gonna go with the nitto tg’s initially but got a great deal on these falken a/t’s and actually liked the way they looked and the amount of trade on em! So far so great!
Also here is a picture of the side steps that my dad installed on the truck before he gave it to me, have been contemplating getting them lined but not sure what Im gonna end up doing yet.
Next was one of my biggest investments on the truck but has made her run like brand new! Got myself a hughes fi air gap intake (to fix the plenum gasket issue), along with some mopar valve covers. Well at it I went ahead and did a full tuneup, new rotor (accel), dcap (accel), spark plugs (autolites), summit 8 mm wires, and an msd blaster coil. As well as a oil change. Here are a few pics of the products and finished install. Truck is running like a dream!
Next was the carige works billet grille inserts to change up the stock honey comb, super easy to install, held in by a screw/bracket combo and I love the new look.
At this point I was feeling like my engine bay needed some dressing up (still does..) so I painted my K&N red to make it pop! Painted the heat shield as well!

snrusnak 08-17-2011 10:45 AM

Sweet, truck looks CLEAN

The Codes 08-17-2011 10:49 AM

Next mod was all about performance! A SCT tuner from hemifever! Eventually Im gonna get this sucker dyno’ed and get him the numbers for custom tuning…things are so hectic currently.
Then it was time to replace my faded and ugly stock 3rd brake light with a new recon smoked one! Heres the write up for whoever wants it!
Afterwards I invested in some weather tech all season floor mats because mine weren’t doing so hot. These are great so far, I would have loved for the liners but they weren’t available for my these will do for now!
Old mats in the sunlight…supposed to be black! LOL

The Codes 08-17-2011 10:52 AM

Then it was on to the bed! It was in horrible shape from being a work truck as I am sure you guys can see in the picture above. Scratches everywhere! Went with a xtreme bed liner, got a great deal and it has a lifetime warranty and looks fantastic imo!
One of my most recent mods was red floor well lighting, really love the look at night. May add under the seat lighting at some point, but for now happy with it.
The little green button is the switch for it!
And here is a shot of my floor well lighting and my fog lights switch
And lastly…got these new moog coil springs installed today to replace my stock ones, ride is way better! Tin fold id say! Meant to have them installed with a leveling kit at the same time but that didn’t pan out..will have to work on the leveling kit install as I already have it. Anyways here are the springs and a semi shot of them installed.

The Codes 08-17-2011 10:54 AM

And lastly here is a picture of my baby I took yesterday, think she looks pretty damn good!
Heres a pic of some mods to come… J leveling kit and 6k hid lows! J

I hope you guys enjoy my thread! Lots more planned! :D

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