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Crash 08-21-2011 08:33 PM

Trinity ST knock?
Hey all I have had my trinity for just a few days and have a quetion on the knock guages
--First off I am running the 87perf tune with 89 octane in the tank when i run just the tune I get no knock on the moniter. when I tried upping my part throttle upshifts +500rpm @15% +400 @25% down to 200 at60% and upping throttle boost to 15% my ST knock spikes to 12 -15 under hard excelleration LT knock goes to 2-4
--So i went back to restore parameters no knock
--Today I tried upping just the throttle boost 20% max and max rpm in drive up 200rpm and in neutral 200 speed limiter up too. st knock is back 8-10 and lt 2-4
So my question is how much st knock should i be seeing and should I be questioning the actuall octane of the gas I got and going to a different station?
Overall I am loving what the tuner does for my truck..espesially the throttle boost! I take it boost is reducing my torque management? because man she gets up and leaves now when you hit the skinny pedal.

I appreciate any enlightenment you all can give me

RamTex 08-22-2011 12:53 PM

Look at your log data and see at what rpm ranges you are getting knock if you are getting more than 6 ST knock at any rpm range, retard your timing in 2 degree intervals in that RPM range till you see ST Knock drop to 6 or below also LT knock is bad, 2 LT knock or less is tolerable.

If at all possible you could run 91 oct or higher this will also reduce your knock but since this is the 87 tune try the above

But remember doing your own tuning is not advised i would look into getting tunes from Sean does great tunes that are safe.

Crash 08-22-2011 02:49 PM

Thanks RamTex, I will set up a log and see where exactly I am spiking the st knock. Yesterday I went back to stock parameters on 87 perf tune and the knock has 90% vanished (at about 40% throttle ffrom a standing start I see 2) but without actually logging it is hard to know exact rpm. Still learning but reading everything I can find. I will take your good advice on hemifever soon...need to get exhaust done first. And I cant wait till my next tank...will try 91tune. I am concerned because here I have read several blogs about gas stations selling gas rated at a higher octane than it really is so I may try a few different stations also.

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