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DodgeingIt 08-24-2011 01:36 AM

87 Ram Fuel Pump Install Problem
Hello all I am new to forum and hope there is someone who can help me with the problem I've encountered with my truck recently.

I have an 87 dodge ram w 318. Just recently my friend and I replaced my fuel filter and fuel pump after having issues with my truck not getting enough fuel. And often times having to use ether to get it to crank back over.

Well we replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump on sat. and used ether to help her get started and turn back over. She ran like a champ drove it for over 20 minutes. well come sat. evening I went to leave some where and she started for what i would call a flash in the pan and hasn't ran since.

With the fuel pump installed we disconnected the fuel filter from the hardline that leads to the carburetor. Fuel barely trickles out when you try to crank the truck. And it never makes it to exit on the fuel line that leads to the carb when we turn it over.

We've verified that the pump does work and that we do have the filter installed the right way and that none of the fuel lines are blocked. we disconnected the fuel pump and pumped it by hand and fuel shot out of the top of the carb line gushed all the way up past the front of the carb and actually got onto the windshield.

So the only thing we can guess is some how we are not installing the pump properly to where it is seating on the cam to turn it with enough rpm's to work right.

If anybody can help me with any info or something we may be missing when we are installing the pump it would greatly appreciated because we are running out of ideas. Either we are doing something wrong or possibly could the cam be worn down to wear it wont engage the pump correctly is the only theory we have going at the moment.

GTyankee 08-24-2011 02:59 AM

I would suggest that they sold you the wrong fuel pump
the curvature of the arm is incorrect
UNLESS you installed it wrong & the arm is above the camshaft & not below it

personally i blocked off that type of fuel pump access with a block off plate & installed an electric fuel pump & a regulator set to about 4 for starters & adjusted accordingly

DodgeingIt 08-24-2011 05:05 AM

i thought that at first to but the curvature profile of the arm where it will sit on the cam is identical to the original. From where we installed it and it ran for a lil bit on saturday. There are wear marks from where it made contact with the cam on top of the arm in the identical location as the old unit.

Is there a particular position the cam needs to be in for it to be installed correctly? we where not sure if the motor needed to be at top dead center or something along those lines.

yeah thats my next option if cant make this work is to just install the mechanical pump to hold oil in. then get an electric fuel pump and regulator. but now its become an almost personal vendetta to figure this out and get it to work. Is there any particular way to tell from feel that we've seated in properly underneath the cam. like tension on the part etc etc?

DodgeingIt 08-24-2011 11:13 PM

Looks I am going to have to go with an electric fuel pump install. I found a universal electric fuel pump designed for domestic carb applications that only flows between 5 and 9 psi of fuel. will i still need a fuel pressure regulator or should i be good to go just hooking it straight up.

Gen1dak 08-25-2011 12:13 AM

The electric pump you mention should be fine, especially if you have the fuel return line hooked up. Something else you should look at before giving up. I have an '84 that was running fine one day and quit abruptly. One day. No gas. Changed the fuel pump. Still no gas. Started fine on gas dumped in the carb. Plenty gas in the tank. Turns out, there's a rubber fuel line that runs out the top of the tank to the metal fuel line. It was dried and had a crack that'd finally cut through. I couldn't see it, had to feel for it. It was sucking air and couldn't get a prime. Yours is certainly old enough now. Could have the same issue, or it could be a bad pump. Try feeding it from a gas can. If it works, I'd definitely look for that leak.

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