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WSpeedRacerZ28 08-30-2011 10:05 PM

RAM brand Laptop Mount
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I was very excited today to receive my laptop mount. Took me maybe 15 minutes to put the various components together with limited to no instructions. I did not order the kit (RAM-VB-178-SW1) but decided to get the components separately to my liking and I found this was cheaper. I ordered this from

I'm not sure if anyone on this forum has installed one of these but I ran into some issues I wanted to share and possibly get feedback.

My main issue is the factory seat bracket on the left side of the front passenger seat. I'd love to slap the engineer who decided for the hole patterns to be different on each side (see photos). There is absolutely no play and I have been unsuccessful installing the riser base because of this. I ran out of daylight and believe I will have to unbolt the seat, disconnect the wiring, and drill the bracket so that it is slotted (unless anyone has a better suggestion).

My second issue is the riser bracket (designed to be no drill fit for factory seat bolt pattern) doesn't appear to really be designed for the 2011, or my truck. I'm not sure if with different options the floor area is different or not (see photo). I believe I can get creative with the hardware I have and make this work, however, I first must address the seat bracket issue.

Has anyone installed one of these? Any ideas or suggestions? I ran out of daylight, my drill was not charged, and after 2 hours in 106 degree heat I called a night.

Parts I ordered are below with part # and price for reference. According to the riser will fit. "Compatible Vehicles:
Dodge RAM 1500-5500 (2008-2011)"

Ordered Item Shipped Price Subtotal
1ea RAM Mount Tele-Pole 9 inch Long Female Base 1ea $15.95ea $15.95
1ea RAM Mount Vehicle Mount Stabilizer Leg RAM-FOOT2 1ea $6.02ea $6.02
1ea RAM Mount Four Pack Quick Adjust Kit for Laptop Mount Tray Arms RAM-234-AK1U 1ea $8.95ea $8.95
1ea RAM Mount Laptop Tray Side Arm Screen Support 1ea $14.95ea $14.95
1ea RAM Mount Laptop Mount Tough Tray Flat RAM-234-3K1 1ea $38.95ea $38.95
1ea RAM Mount Double Swing Arm with Plate RAM-VB-110-1U 1ea $53.95ea $53.95
1ea RAM Mount Tele-Pole 8 inch Long Male Tube 1ea $25.95ea $25.95
1ea RAM Mount Dodge RAM Vehicle Mount Riser Base RAM-VB-178 1ea $42.95ea $42.95
Item Subtotal: $207.67
Shipping & Handling: $32.75
Coupon: -$10.40 (RAMLIVECHAT 5% off)
Total: $230.02

crazyrealtor 08-30-2011 11:32 PM

I would like a set up like that in my truck

WSpeedRacerZ28 08-30-2011 11:38 PM

I'm going to figure out how to get this to work and installed in the next couple of days. I'll post photos when it's finished and the details of what I went through to make it happen.

There is another option for those with rich blood or those who rely on a quality laptop stand... (I just couldn't justify over $700 for one but I do like it!)

I've had Jotto desks in the past and I think they are overpriced crap.

WSpeedRacerZ28 08-31-2011 09:52 PM

I finally got it installed. Took a case of elbow grease and some swear words I dare not repeat on here!

Ended up with the seat bracket not being properly slotted I was fighting the bolt against the bracket, but the real problem was the factory bolt was not originally installed straight but yet at an angle, so I wasted a few hours trying to get a bolt straight in a crooked hole.

It got dark on me tonight, photos will be posted tomorrow.

WSpeedRacerZ28 08-31-2011 10:01 PM

These are the instructions from the manufacturer. Note: I have a crew cab and had to use hardware (longer bolts, flats, nuts, lock washers, and stand offs) provided with the base because of the under seat air duct (which is a horizontal hump covered in carpet).

Tools needed are a socket wrench with extension, 15MM socket, 13MM socket.
Note that on some trim levels a plastic cover blocks access to the outermost seat leg bolt. This cover has to be
removed and stored for installation into Crew or Quad cab models. It can be put back in place after installation on
standard cab models. (I was able to install the cover for the seat where the spare jack is back into place even though these instructions say differently)

Regular and extended cab models:
1. Move the passenger seat back to its rear-most position and remove the two front seat rail bolts on the passenger
side using the 15MM socket. These pass through the seat frame legs into the floor board.
2. Without moving the seat, place the No-Drill™ base over the front of the seat frame legs.
3. Align the holes in the base with those of the seat frame legs. The pedestal platform should be near the console.
4. Re-install the seat bolts and fully tighten.

Crew or quad cab models with under seat air duct:
1. Move the passenger seat back to its rearmost position and remove the two front seat rail bolts on the passenger side
using the 15MM socket. Store these so that they can be reinstalled should the laptop stand be removed later.
2. This kit comes with 2 small stand offs shaped like short sections of pipe, two longer seat leg bolts, and two flat
Pass the bolts through the flat washers and then each through the holes on the base.
3. Place the stand off over the hole in the seat frame leg. The stand off goes in between the seat frame leg and the
base providing a gap to clear the under seat air duct in some vehicle models.
4. With the stand off in place and the bolt now passing through the stand off, start the thread by hand on each bolt.
5. Once the bolt is started, use the 13MM socket to fully tighten the seat leg bolt.

WSpeedRacerZ28 08-31-2011 10:13 PM

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I couldn't wait, here are the pictures. ;)

GeauxHunting 08-31-2011 10:43 PM

Nice mount man!

GTyankee 09-01-2011 12:14 AM

i have put off getting the unit from Jotto
i have been experimenting with pvc pipe & duct tape
i don't have any need for the laptop when i am not parked
but i may be parked for hours at a time, waiting on my driver & semi truck load to show up
i can't leave the the location for the meet & i have WiFi installed in my Ram for that very reason
try waiting for a driver & truck to show up for 6 to 8 hours, then he shows up & wants to leave RIGHT NOW, & the destination is 600 miles away, without anything to do besides look out your windows in the middle of nowhere

WSpeedRacerZ28 09-01-2011 12:23 AM

I've seen very inexpensive mounts on Ebay that may work for you, especially since you'll use it while in park versus the time and materials of building yourself.

I chose the RAM-mount because it is sturdy. I like the pivots and locking points and I need my laptop to do different things, while I'm driving, and while I'm sitting still. It's also a nice touch that the engraved "RAM" logo matches my RAM truck. I'm a project manager who visits cell sites on a daily basis so my truck is my mobile office.

I've had a couple of Jotto desks over the years and the hardware they use at the locking points strips out and the whole mount moves afterwards. Had my laptop slamming into my dash and/or radio because of this. Also I don't care for the velcro straps or cables they use to secure the computer, it will damage the laptop - this is why I won't recommend them.

GTyankee 09-01-2011 01:07 AM

My Ram truck is my office
when i show up at a pre specified location, i am on the clock
the truck driver tells me where the load has to go
the PERMIT from the city, county, or state tells him what roads he has to take, no variations
I either lead him or follow him, depending on the road width along the Permitted route
across town is easy, across the USA can be a real pain
I may be in my Ram for 2 or 3 hours, or as much as 10 days straight, with just enough time to sleep at a motel overnight
I really need a laptop mount just for the wait times, so almost anything would work, even pvc & duct tape

Guess i should look into a RAM mount, if it doesn't take up room where i set my cooler

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