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uncletony76 08-31-2011 01:12 PM

2011 Ram Oil Life Per Oil Change
I have a 2011 Ram Sport QC 4x4 and i had looked around the forums and not seen a post about how long people were going between oil changes based off the EVIC computer. I stayed with the factory oil when i got my truck and waited until the EVIC told me to change it, this came at 3500 miles with the standard factory fill oil and filter. So at 3500 miles i went to a full synthetic and a new filter and the little message popped up at 7600 miles saying to change my oil again after 4100 miles on this oil change. I just wondered what other people were experiencing with their vehicles. I changed my wifes 07 escalade oil at the same i did my dodge and it is showing 38% oil life left while i'm having to change the oil on my RAM. And i know this all varies based on driving habits etc. We both do a fair amount of highway and local driving to and from work but we drive her Escalade on the weekends a lot more than we drive my RAM so you would think it would not need the oil changed as much as the Escalade but that hasn't been the case so far.

erm 08-31-2011 01:28 PM

With full synthetic you could easily go 6K miles.

Even with synthetic, though, I change at 3K regardless.

GTyankee 08-31-2011 02:13 PM

i was staying with the dinosaur oil & oil filter from the dealership
i knew the oil was Mobile 1 5W-20 for the first year, good brand of oil, but i didn't know what Brand was in the filters outer shell
the oil contract was up & Valvoline won the bid, i still didn't know what filter was inside of the Mopar marked canister
this may of 2011, the contract was due again, Fiat's decision maker made the call & went with a SHELL product, the contract is a multi year contract
Shell oil is PENNZOIL for gas engines, Rotella for diesels, i still don't know who makes the oil filter

I made up my mind that i didn't like changing oil brands every year & from years ago i remember what engines looked like inside when Pennzoil is put in them & engines build up crud even worse when you switch oil brands. I wasn't going to let them put Pennzoil in my vehicle

With all the dino oils my EVIC service engine light came on at 2,800 miles

I switched to Mobile 1 synthetic & a oil filter brand that i TRUST, WIX oil filter.
my EVIC light comes on sometime after 5,000 miles, i already have the oil & filter for my next change, if i have an a job that will require many days of driving, i will change it immediately, if they are only single day drives, i will wait for the light to come on

The way i look at it, go with what you trust, if you find yourself thinking about it during the day, just change it

I bet your other vehicle is not driven the same way that you drive the RAM, the GO pedal in the Ram gets more of a work out

SS4Luck 08-31-2011 02:18 PM

I only use mobil one oil in all of my vehicles. They day i got my ram i took it home and drained it out and put an M1 filter and oil in it.

Oil may be able to go that far, but i change mine around 4-5K in the truck. Its not getting beat on like the race car so im okay with pushing it a little past 3K, but never above 5K

snrusnak 08-31-2011 03:18 PM

synthetics life range anywhere from 5k-10k miles, some longer. Conventional is usually around a 3k-5k mile life. Even with the best oil, the engine will still get contaminants in it(dirt, metal generation from inside the engine, etc....) so frequent changes are best no matter what(even if you have oil that is the best and wouldn't ever break down). I use mobil extended performance myself, it is good for 15k miles, but I usually change it between 8k-10k. I'd like to have more frequent changes, but I drive so dang much I don't have the time to do it so often. The filter should catch most contaminants anyway, just be sure the filter has the same life as the oil(don't use a cheapo 3k mile filter and run 15k mile oil and wait past 3k miles to change it, otherwise the filter will eventually be useless). I get the ext performance cheap at autozone by my house, if it was too expensive I'd use regular mobil 1, but it's nearly the same price here.

GTyankee 08-31-2011 03:55 PM

Mobile 1 synthetic 5W-20 & 0W-20 prices for a 5 quart jug at most of the auto parts stores is $39.99
at Walmart same oil, same jug is $29.99

I bought 3 jugs, enough for 2 oil changes plus

for some reason the price jumped a bit over a month ago $4 at Walmart, it had been $25.99
my local Walmart keeps the Mobile 1 locked up after 8 PM
the other brands stay on the shelves
Where the other oil is, there is a sign that reads,
'For Mobile oil go to the service department'

snrusnak 08-31-2011 04:01 PM

I believe the autozone by me sells mobil 1 with like fram filter or something for about $30, they sell the mobil ext perf and mobil ext perf filter for like $35 so I been buying that.

jshields 08-31-2011 04:07 PM

I also had my truck tell me to change the oil at around 3500 miles. After this visit i received a notice in the mail from the dealership to get the oil changed (and since i have the service contract it costs me nothing...even though they didnt want to change the oil so soon, they ended up doing it). This was all in 2 1/2 months or the truck purchase.

RAMTX 08-31-2011 04:17 PM

I did my first oil change at 2500 after the EVIC message alert (little too soon), so I had a free oil change from the dealer, so I use it. The second oil change I did around 6500 again with the EVIC message alert on, dealer did it again. Now I will switch to Mobile 1 synthetic and wait 6k between changes.

JumpSteady 08-31-2011 04:50 PM

My truck told me to change the oil at 3500 miles so I did. I plan on changing it when it tells me to. I had the dealer do it since they gave me 2 years maintenance. Great service.

UPDATE: Actually I think it told me to change oil at 3000 miles, and by the time I got around to it, it was at 3500.

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