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L0G1K 10-03-2011 06:51 PM

Response to the pm you sent me
Hello. Since I'm too much of a newbie here, I can't respond to the pm you sent me. So here is what I wrote you:


Originally Posted by TLC John

See you're new to RAMZ. We're a new vendor too. Hope you don't mind this info PM.

I saw your pics with the cement blocks and looked like your truck did pretty well with it. However, if you want to improve your RAM's hauling/towing ability we have the solution.

Total Load Control™ is the only patented air suspension for RAM 1500 with coil springs. We add 2 tons of lift power with 9" Goodyear air springs and not only improve load/tow ability to be level with any legal load - also improve handling, steering, braking and ride - loaded and unloaded.

Easy-to-install; bolts on. Does not interfere with factory suspension.

Please check out the vendor page on the Z or (we know our 1st gen website is limited; new one in process).

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Hello. If you were to see my post in the towing section, I went to a scale with my travel trailer to find out I'm almost over the GVWR of my truck.

This means that with the ciment block I was way over the rated GVWR.

People who buy your suspension should ratter think about changing truck instead. Within the weight rating of the manifacture, there is no need at all for added strenght. People think that by putting air bags they fixed their problem but all they actualy do is blindfold themselves.

If they ever get in an accident they'll be at fault and might get suied...

TLC John 10-03-2011 09:49 PM

Never exceed the GVWR.
We always say, "Never exceed the GVWR".

However, it is not uncommon for the back end of a truck to sag with less than the maximum weight allowed.

With Total Load Control™, the truck will always be level so the front tires will be firmly on the road for a safer ride when hauling or towing any load within the GVWR.

Bikenut 05-27-2012 12:36 AM

Of course staying within your GCWR is the smart thing to do. Going over and using TLC to make you feel better is wrong BUT, adding bags or TLC will definitely add stability, control and safety to your rig.
LOG1K, you seem to be talking about two different things here, capacity is one concern, but enhancing your control (and safety) is beyond that. You can be within your capacity and still have a cross wind situation where a product like TLC with give you that edge

ArmyofOne 05-27-2012 07:37 AM

Hauling a load of rock in the bed, I can't honestly say if I was over the weight rating of my Ram, but I hauled it from Portland to Tacoma, a trip that normally takes just a hair over 2 hours, took almost 4. I couldn't exceed 45mph without the front end of the ram floating. The engine and trans would do it all day, and if I had TLC at the time, it would not have been even close to an issue.

At TLC, we will never reccomend someone exceed their GVWR. However, there is no harm whatsoever in improving upon the Ram's suspension design. The coil's in the 09-12 1500's ride really nice, but the rear end sags with about 200lbs tongue weight. I had an empty car hauler trailer on my Ram, and she wasn't bottomed out, but she was sagging. I put my wife's 05 RCSB Sport 4x4 on the car trailer, and it was bottomed out immediately.

Bottom line, TLC is the best way to enhance the rear suspension if thats what one is looking to do, regardless of their reason's for doing so.

LC Hauler 05-30-2012 10:19 PM

if I may jump in here without stepping on toes, but before I bought my new travel trailer I contacted the trailer manufacturer - Keystone directly to ensure I had the correct trailer weights, and then I called Dodge and spoke to a suspension specialist and gave him all the specs. Bottom line, I was within the GCWR with about 700lbs to spare, not quite the 1000lbs I wanted as a buffer.
Now, I did haul a members car with a trailer a month back and with a combined weight of about 4000lbs, the truck did saga very minor amount, and with the new trailer being heavier, the sag was more present. I purchased TLC's kit based on 2 reasons:

1. they are VERY knowledgable with their products and ensure NO one exceeds the safest limits of there rig. Which means their product isn't going to raise the weight capacity, it isn't going to increase GCWR and they state that. Their bags are designed to level a vehicle if there is sag present, it also adds a stability to the truck.

2. Their equipment is completely free of the springs and sits right on the axle. Not a bag in the spring type setup which here in my city, no one wants to touch or install just due to issues with the bags ripping, or being over inflated. the TLC bags are a bigger stronger donut style bag that sits away from any component which is a great idea.

I didn't buy my kit to increase GCWR, I bought it to tighten up the back end of my truck, and level it safely so I can pull my travel trailer safely and level to reduce any excessive strain on the truck.

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