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brad12kx 10-09-2011 02:27 AM

Mod 20 - CAI
***** Very Important Note *****
Although MADDOG had a big part to play in my decision to purchase and install a CAI, the decision was not made under duress. :D
***** End of Very Important Note *****

First off....I have done a couple of mods lately that I did not do a complete 'How Did', and boy have I received some serious flack for that, so in an effort to redeem myself, I got snap happy while doing this install (66 pix here to stall your internet connection with), and as it turns out, that was a good idea.

Although I am pleased with the final outcome, the road to success was littered with obstacles. IMO, Volant kinda dropped the ball in a few R&D areas, so the fit and finish would be less than acceptable by anyone with even the mildest form of OCD.

OK Brad....Shut Up and show us some pix!!!

First off, the infamous box :)

The CAI to choice......YUP....Volant! :woohoo:
Volant Part# 160576. Picked it up from AutoAnything

Opening the box, this is what you see

Remove the 'Air Pillows' and ....

What's in the box?

And with the bag of parts opened -

Start by opening the hood :doh: -

I started the project at the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor. You have to slide the red tab in order to press the release to unplug it. The red tab on mine had an attitude, so I reinforced my desire to continue by introducing it to 'Needle Nose Pliers'. -

Press the black tab on the wire side of the red tab and unplug -

Next, armed with a 5/16" socket on an 8" extension and ratchet handle (1/4" drive), I loosened the intake tube from the TB (Throttle Body) -

Next, using the same tool, loosened the clamp on the Air Box side of the intake tube -

With minimal effort, the intake tube slides off both ends. Here it is sitting on the engine cover. be continued

brad12kx 10-09-2011 02:28 AM

Here is a view of the TB -

Now for those that have worked on engines for many years, this next picture is self explanatory....but for those that haven't, I stuffed a 'CLEAN' rag into the TB. This serves 2 function. First, your engine is not really happy about any dirt that gets into it....but for a short time like a CAI install, it's not a big deal. HOWEVER.....If you were to drop something into the TB (like a small socket), and it ended up going past the plate (because you were playing with it), you could end up with it finding it's way to a cylinder when the engine is running....and that would end the proper operation of your engine, and would kill your warranty much faster than a tuner. Odds are with this install that nothing would happen, but old habits die hard, and I will not take the chance for the 20 seconds it took to find a clean rag and stuff it down the hole. :)

Next, I removed the makeup air hose/line from the air box. Here you can see the coupling hose right beside the spigot it attaches to (Red Circle). This slides of real easy.....cuz it's quite oily inside.

Then grab the air box and lift it straight up and expose the dirt underneath it. :)

Next I removed the engine cover by lifting up on the front until it 'pops' loose, and pulled forward. Here you can see the 2 rear alignment/mounting holes at the back of the engine (Yellow Oval), and the 2 clip pins near the front (Red Circles).

Next I removed the makeup air hose/pipe/thingy (Red Arrow). At this stage, it is only connected at the drivers side valve cover with a right angle rubber end, right behind the oil filler neck. (Yellow Arrow) It pulls straight up with a bit of resistance, and is likely pretty slimy with oil. This area is covered by the engine cover, so doesn't benefit from a good engine wash unless the cover is removed.

Here is view from a different angle that shows the spigot the right angle rubber end is connected to.

Careful when removing the makeup air pipe/hose/ it will drip oil. Here is what it looks like removed....and some oil splatter from it on the ground.

Next I removed the IAT from the Intake tube. It was very happy where it was, and did everything (other than call it's lawyer) to resist relocation. With the aid of a fork shaped trim tool, I was able to convince it that reloation is a good thing.

Trim tool in use - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Close up of IAT - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - IAT's new home in the CAI - - be continued

brad12kx 10-09-2011 02:28 AM

Then I prepped the new Air Makeup Line.
Here is where a description discrepancy showed up between the instructions and what is actually there. The instructions referred to the 45deg fitting, which in my case, was MIA. So I tossed the instructions off to the side, sized up the parts they had sent, and removed the right angle fitting from the pipe. It's not a true right angle, but it's much closer to 90deg than it is to 45deg. :4-dontknow:

Then I assembled the fitting in the only way that made sense, even though the 2 fitting supplied where radically different diameters, I was able to get them on the supplied hose. The straight fitting (required about 5 low class words to attach to the hose) connects to the hose and previously removed right angle rubber fitting. On the other end, the supplied 90deg fitting slipped on without any indignant words.

I then attached the Make Up line to the engine -

Now following the instructions, I removed 2 of the grommets from the OEM Air box -

They just pop out with a bit of twisting motion -

Then locate the holes on the bottom of the Volant CAI box -

And using a similar twisting motion....and bit more effort, attach them as shown -

These 2 grommets will attach to the studs (red circles) -

Now this is where the whole install took a turn....
I take pride in the fact that I actually do read the instructions, and will attempt to follow them (for the most part), but these instructions suggested I was near completion....It couldn't have been further from the truth. From this point on, I believe any warranty I might have had on this new CAI, is officially VOID. Take note of the Air Box Mounting Frame attachment screw circled in yellow above....

Begin...Modding the Mod!

During the test fit of the box, the first thing I noticed is that the air intake duct did NOT line up with the opening in the fender, so the OEM sealing gasket was not even in the same ZIP code!

What did I do wrong ???

Easy....I believed that when you purchase an expensive premium CAI, that it would fit properly.... :doh:

I measured the distance from the lower pin to the upper pin in the truck - 6-7/8".
I measured the spacing from the upper and lower reliefs on the CAI box - 6-1/8"
Fast math....11 carry the 5 divided by pie subtract a cup of coffee....That's 3/4 of an inch!! :SHOCKED:


So, I removed the grommet from the upper mounting hole (blue circle), test fit again....No Joy. :(
Under further inspection, I noticed that the mounting screw and it's embossment, were interfering. (red circle). This is the mounting screw I referred to in the pic above.

Here are a few pix that show the 'wonderful' fit. (Blue Arrows)
Also note that there are 2 major annoyances when installing and removing the Volant air box.
Evap pipe from AC - Yellow Arrow
This lonely wire - Red Arrow
Both of these now have names.....which cannot be repeated here without having a bunch of ***. be continued

brad12kx 10-09-2011 02:28 AM

Armed with frustration, a 3/4" hole saw and the realization that the interfering mounting lug was the same size as one of the mounting pins (just shorter), I drilled a warranty voiding hole in my new Volant CAI box -

I then installed grommet #3. (The OEM has 4, so still have a spare...:smileup:)
Note, I have re-installed the grommet in the upper mounting hole as well. What the heck, if it doesn't fit right, at least it won't rattle. :shakehead:

Then an idea to seal the opening to the fender......

Here's what it looks like...doesn't work worth &%$# to seal a tailgate, so maybe it will work for something it was never intended to work on...makes sense to me :dork: -

So I carefully cleaned the edge of the inlet duct with paint thinner, pealed the back off the sealing strip and wrapped it around. I even carefully cut it to length first (25-1/2"), only to discover it stretches.....a lot! Had to cut 1-5/8" off when I got all the way around.

That's when I discovered that my 'Great Idea' had a flaw (Like that never happened before). The ends of the sealing foam would not stay attached for more that....2 seconds. PITA! So out came the trusty pop riveter.....:)

I'm not worried about the gap in the seal as it is at the bottom out of view, and will sit right on top of the OEM seal so will seal properly anyway.

Now...between taking time to take photos, test fitting a couple of dozen times, researching appropriate names for certain pipes and wires and modding the mod, this 20 minute CAI mod has lasted til full dark, and I can't see anything properly, so I ripped everything off that was pre-prepared, and put all the OEM stuff back on for the night....

Maybe....just maybe....tomorrow will have this thing sorted out. BTW - for those that have never seen one, this is what the filter element looks like.....up close - be continued

brad12kx 10-09-2011 02:29 AM

Oh yes.....a new day! The sun is shining, the wind is at bay and my truck has that glorious layer of 'night dust' masking that blinding reflection of a clean truck.

Time to fit the Volant air box :woohoo:
Before we do that, just want to see how the filter we go again! :sad:

As you can see in this pic, I got the filter on the flange after a few minutes of struggling and muttering a few words of derogatory encouragement. As it turns out, the spacing between the flange mounting bolts is little smaller than the outside of the filter. (red circle) Not by much, but enough to make this process almost impossible unless you can get your hand in from the duct side to 'help' it along.

This was going to be an ongoing issue in the future, so might as well deal with it right now, so decided to replace the factory mounting bolts (red circle) with some 1/4" x 3/4" carriage bolts from the inside, and cap with acorn nuts for nice finish and no sharp edges (blue circle) -

Here are the bolts in place -

And the flange mounted with the new bolts -

Here's the view from the outside. Turned out not to bad. I did use flat washers (same as factory) and spring lock washers under the acorn nuts -

Finally it's time to test fit the air box....and it fits perfect right off the 27th hop! Definitely more challenging to install with the new seal interfering with the A/C pipe, but was worth the effort.

Here's a couple more pix showing the fit -

So (following the directions again.....:hah:) I installed the hump hose (which would have been so much easier to install before mounting the air box), but none the less, it's on -

Next came the reducer at the throttle body and the air duct -

Then connected the wire to the IAT, which although a bit tighter than the doesn't put any undue strain on the wires -

So I installed the filter element (this went real well) -

and bolted the cover on -

Then I disconnected the IAT and removed the air duct at the TB and air box so I could install the engine cover that I forgot to install in my excitement to get this project completed... LOL be continued

brad12kx 10-09-2011 02:29 AM

Installed the engine cover, and reinstalled the air duct, IAT wire and finally the makeup air hose (Blue arrow).

Here's a few pix to show the finished product :) -

And finally a pic that displays the new look... :i_rolleyes:

Please tell me you weren't' expecting it to look different....:LOL:

The road test - Yielded some expected and some unexpected results. First off (expected....or at least hoped for), a noticeable improvement at WOT...not a lot, but noticeable. Secondly (unexpected), there is a very noticeable intake sound! :wow: This I really did not expect from a sealed CAI, but it is [B]very noticeable[\B] at WOT. Since I still have the bottom port on the CAI open, I expect some of this sound will reduce when Volant releases the 'scoop' for the 4th gen Rams....which is supposed to be in November. In the mean time, I may try adding a short piece of flexible ducting to see if the intake sound is reduced....which I'm kinda hoping for.

All in all, I would recommend this CAI to anyone looking for a quality CAI, but am a bit disappointed that a premium CAI has a few design flaws that result in such a poor fit, that it pretty much requires modification so the fit and finish matches the reputation. Once competed, IMO it looks fabulous! :D

SS4Luck 10-09-2011 02:35 AM

Only because you have spaced reserved,


ill stay tuned for finished update :)

brad12kx 10-09-2011 03:03 AM


Originally Posted by SS4Luck (Post 631680)
Only because you have spaced reserved,


ill stay tuned for finished update :)

Update Complete! :smileup:

Blame MADDOG....Oh No! I made that completely clear in my 'Opening Statement'..... LOL

Truth be know, I need to thank him for point me (and whole lot of others) in the right direction.....but don't tell him....we need to keep him humble. :D

Razorbass 10-09-2011 02:20 PM

This is great Brad. Thank you for:
1) Taking the time to do such a thorough job of writing it up and including pics,
2) Making it a humorous read as always and
3) Keeping me from having to take pics and writing a description when I put mine in (much easier to just give people a link to your thread).

Rutger34 10-09-2011 03:13 PM

Well done Brad. Great read and it is nice to see somebody take some serious pride in what they are doing.

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