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TruckeeT2 10-18-2011 09:01 PM

Best TB for my $$$
What is the best TB for my money for my 2010 1500 5.7? Only minor mods (CAI, Headers, & Tuner) Looked at the fastman and BBK. Any other ones to look at?

CdnoilRAM 10-18-2011 09:03 PM

I would go with the bbk myself. It's a true 85mm, not a ported tb with the stock butterfly valve.

js1977 10-18-2011 09:08 PM

I went with Fastmans TB and both my wallet and myself are truly happy. There are many on here that have went with Fastmans TB and I've yet to here a complaint or a "wish I would of spent more money on a different brand"... But hey, it's your choice and your money....

ORT 10-18-2011 09:11 PM

Have run a fastman on each of my rams and have been impressed every time I buy one of Dan's products.

TheSatinPumpkin 10-18-2011 10:34 PM

I have one from Modern Muscle that i am happy with. $$ savings you cant go wrong with Fastman.

05ram 10-19-2011 08:58 AM

Fastman, a lot of work for the money, I've had mine for over a year and it's awesome!!

916Timmy 10-19-2011 09:12 AM

I also have a Fastman...can't beat the 112 bucks!

TruckeeT2 10-19-2011 07:41 PM

Fastman it is. Thanks for all the feedback!!!

CdnoilRAM 10-19-2011 09:32 PM

This is from Fastman's site:

-Front Side Taper Boring: The opening of the TB is Radiused and Taper Bored to almost 85mm leading back to the stock bore.
-Half Shaft: Modified Factory Shaft. The top of the shaft is removed promoting even more airflow at wide open throttle.
-(Optional) Backside Bore: I can also offer an optional Backside Taper Bore. The back side is taper bored to match the manifold opening very closely.
The issue I have with these throttle bodies is that they still maintain the OEM sized butterfly valve, and the only part of this thing that is almost 85mm is the opening neck, then it's tapered back to the stock 80mm opening. Even using the venturi effect you increase the velocity of the air flow, and at least he cuts off one side of the axial shaft, but you MAY move more air through this throttlebody, but it will be at a lower velocity compared to the OEM as there's now a longer run length and a faster closure radius. The most important thing to look at is VELOCITY of your flow in a naturally aspirated set up as you need to be able to flow the air into the combustion chamber in the very brief period of the intake valve being open, as well as clear the chamber while both intake and exhaust valves overlap.

If you want some true performance, you want to get yourself a true 85mm throttlebody, either cast or modified to an 85mm butterfly valve. These ported ones are a money grab for people who think that bigger is better, the most part they come with negligable gains.

If you are set on the fastman then pick up his 84mm, which at least has a 84mm bore, not the stock 80mm. The price is comparable to the 85mm BBK; again, more reason to go to the BBK since it's a larger bore for a very similar price.

moparornocar72 10-19-2011 11:17 PM

^good info, I think for some people they want a factory look for the most part under the hood, can't tell the throttle body has been messed with unless u take of the intake or throttle body. That's what I wanted at least.:4-dontknow:

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