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Hedghawg71 10-22-2011 01:02 PM

What exactly voids the warranty?
I have been trying to get straight answers from different sources about this and I figured I would ask you all. On my 2007, I did all kinds of stuff to that truck, the dealership told me that anything behind the cats was open game on the exhaust, so I chopped it off 2 inches behind the cats and went on with duals. Cold air intake installed, I moved the sensor a little closer to the air filter, shorty headers that fit where the stock manifolds were, I sleeved the hoses, chrome water neck, painted the plastic parts to add depth to the look and so on. They never said a word UNTIL I put a Jet chip on it. The service adviser kinda said that it needed to come off and everything set back to normal before it came back and he would look the other that time. :4-dontknow: Realizing he cut me a break because my wife and I have been one of their customers for 14+ years is probably why. Knowing that the warranty stuff has changed since late 2006 when I had my other truck this info would be nice to know. The dealership sound like our current government when I ask these questions and they give me some random BS answer that doesn't even apply to what I asked in the first place.

1. Now when this Diablo and Bully Dog GT tuners finally hits for the 2011's, will this be the same thing?

2. Has anyone sleeved their new ride's hoses?

3. Changed out their own Torque converters in favor of a looser one?

4. Has anyone chopped the factory Y pipe completely out without messing with the cats and had any issues with the dealership? <--I have already done this one.

5. Mechanical water, oil temperature gauges? (idiot lights tell too little too late)
I bought the extra 5y/100,000 warranty so voiding it would suck.

Thanks in advanced.

erm 10-22-2011 02:03 PM

Let's step back and talk about why your dealership sounds like your government...

Under the Magnuson-Moss Act, buyers and sellers have specific rights and responsibilities with respects to warranty. Also, the terms of your extended warranty come into play here so I would strongly suggest you read and understand it.

Basically, Dodge won't warranty any broken or damaged components that are 1) damaged due to an aftermarket, non-OEM modification that fails, or 2) any aftermarket part not provided or installed by the dealer.

Instead of a long list of what will and won't be under warranty if you mod this or that (that would be a huge list and would not necessarily be absolutely correct!), the easiest way to describe what will be reasonably warranted and what will not is to use your intended or completed mods as an example:

1. You modify your exhaust by dropping the stock system downstream of the cats and you install an aftermarket system. A month later, your audio head unit fails. The dealer can't blanket void your warranty for the head unit because you installed the exhaust system. It didn't cause the failure. You are covered.

2) You install an aftermarket 6" lift, larger wheels and tires. 20,000 miles later your axle bearings, pinion bearing, intermediate drive shaft bearing, differential seals, transmission output shaft bearing & seal, etc...are all leaking or failing. This can be directly attributed to the aftermarket lift and Dodge is not liable for warranty repairs.

3) You install a Jet chip (I would highly discourage this...more on that later), you start having plug problems, the truck loses power, you get a lot of deposits on the valves and eventually, a hot spot burns a valve seal or a ring. Dodge will not warranty the repairs. The cause of the problems is the chip.

So...about chips and tuners. The "chips" plug into the main harness inline with the PCM. What they do is send false signals to the PCM which arbitrarily and without any calibration, adds fuel to the mix. That increases unburned hydrocarbons in the cylinder and in the exhaust stream. The aforementioned failures plus a failure of your catalytic converter can result. Also, by physical inspection and a PCM scan with their tools, the service techs can tell there is or was a chip in the system.

You do have alternatives and those are today's programmers. You can tune for optimum air/fuel ratio vs. just dumping a pre-programmed amount of fuel into the system.

And you can return your vehicle to stock in a few minutes, removing any evidence that there was a tuning device installed.

Hedghawg71 10-22-2011 02:27 PM

This does help, so mainly use common sense on what is modified. Thanks MADDOG! :cool:

erm 10-22-2011 08:25 PM

Exactly, bud. The extent of the mods is determined by how much you wanna pay for them and how much you may have to pay for repairs. :D

Bulldog 10-23-2011 10:53 AM

Now, I always thought there was a big button in the service managers office that he would press and would send an email directly to Chrysler saying that your warranty has been voided.

I imagine it would look a lot like an Easy Button from Staples.....

Joking aside I agree with Maddog, good advice.

Also, I worked at a Ford dealer for a number of years. We, the dealership, did not have any authorization to void anything warranty related. We could refuse to submit repairs to Ford for warranty reimbursment. Or we would request Ford to review the warranty claim beforehand and get a "ruling" directly from Ford as to whether or not they would cover a repair.

Ford frequently reminded us and other dealerships that we did not have any legal right to void any warranty. Only Ford could decide to void a customer's warranty. And in 10 years I only saw them void a warranty a handful of times. And even then, in all but one case Ford only voided certain portions of the factory warranty. Example, a guy heavily, heavily modified the engine in his 1998 Cobra. He had issues, Ford inspected his car and sorry warranty coverage voided for any engine related concern now or in the future. They sent the customer and us a letter and we would see that same notice any time we ran an Oasis on his VIN.

That's my warranty experience. I would assume Dodge operates under the same rules?

blackpearldodge 10-25-2011 02:32 PM

What's your take on installing HIDs in our trucks? What, if any, does this do to our warranty? Assuming no factory wiring was cut (spliced into, etc.)
Simple plug-n-play setup.

Does anybody recommend (or done so) taking out the HIDs before having their truck in for service? Seems like a lot of work, but worthwhile if it's needed.)

erm 10-25-2011 03:36 PM

I would not bother taking them out before going to the dealer. HID's are no different than other mods people do without fearing for their warranty.

As long as you aren't cutting up the factory wiring, and the HID's do no damage to the existing headlight harness or capsules (stick with 35W ballasts here), the dealer won't say anything and they can't void a warranty except as noted above.

If the HID system fails and damages some OEM parts, you can expect to pay for that yourself.

Rutger34 10-25-2011 03:49 PM

Chrysler works similarly to what was stated about Ford. If I get into a situation where warranty cannot be granted, the process states that I am to tell the customer as to why I am unable to repair the concern under warranty. If the customer does not wish to repair the concern as a customer pay job and takes the vehicle away, I again am to notify the customer that I will be notifying Chrysler about the situation and it is Chrysler who determines if a Warranty Restriction is put on part or all of the vehicle.

A good example of this was I had a customer who's truck had an internal failure in the engine. The customer did not ever have one engine oil change at my store. I asked for them to provide me with oil change records (the truck had 90k km's on it). The customer said that they would get them but in the mean time was going to remove the truck from my store. It is my responsibility according to the agreement that my store has with Chrysler that I notify them of this situation. I also let the customer know that I was going to let Chrysler know. This prevents the customer "shopping" for warranty.

In the end, the customer was able to provide maintenance records to me, the repair was completed fully under warranty and everyone was happy.

I hope my ramble helps.

erm 10-25-2011 03:55 PM

^^^^ Good Info ^^^^ Even if you don't have your vehicle serviced at the dealer, your warranty is still good if you can prove you have done all the required services. Just keep the receipts.

Remember, "all required services" means the mileage related services as well, not just a lube/oil/filter job every 3K miles.

Rutger34 10-25-2011 04:09 PM

Couldn't have said it better myself MADDOG.

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