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RTBenny 10-27-2011 05:30 PM

No tune nitrous
So I'm getting antsy to start modding since the tuners won't hurry and be released. And since I've been planning to spray in the future anyway, I'm thinking of getting it now. I've had spray on a vehicle before (08 Mustang GT) but these trucks intimidate me a little more cause I'm less familiar with them.

Obviously, there is no tuning available as of yet. So, I was thinking of running a 75 shot for now. I would be on premium pump gas (93) but have access to 110 unleaded for extra insurance if need be. The truck is otherwise stock (well, a K&N drop-in and an exhaust cutout hardly count as mods). I'm also not really wanting to change my plugs yet since my truck only has 2,000 miles on it. I seen where Flaco put longtubes and a 100 shot on his R/T with no tune and the AFR was still safe. I just want to hear it directly that it will be safe.

Here are my basic plans. We'll call them stages since it sounds cool.

Stage 1: Stock intake, cutout, 75 shot untuned.
Goals: 13.99 or less@100+mph on street tires. That's only .4 seconds away from my stock time so it should be easy. And I'll hit the governor at 105 anyway so my initial plans aren't too big.

Stage 2: CAI (been waiting to see if something more impressive than current offerings came out. Will get a Volant if nothing is released before the DSP), Diablosport Predator, cutout, 180 degree thermostat, and a 100 shot.
Goals: 13.49 on street tires would be sweet. Traction may not allow it though. I have ET Streets, just looking at wheel options. And with the ability to retard timing and remove the governor, the 100 shot should be good.

Stage 3: Really too far away to bother with. Full boltons, maybe a cam, and a 150 shot sounds good.

Thanks guys for taking the time. Oh, and I'm looking at ZEX kits for now.

916Timmy 10-27-2011 06:08 PM

I thought you were supposeed to pull a certain amount of timing for each 50HP of N02 that you spray...I love the idea of juicing! I have plans for a kit as well for the big heavy quad, but down the road a bit! Good luck to ya!

And I know of a crew cab running a 13.4 on only a 100 shot!

CdnoilRAM 10-27-2011 09:29 PM

You should be fine with the timing running a 75 shot. The zex kit is a bit overrated when it comes to actual rwhp numbers. You'd be looking at around 50-60rwhp with the 75 shot. I would still run 1 stage colder plugs. Unless you're willing to add a stand alone fuel tank and run c16 (or similar) I wouldn't go any higher than a 100 shot on a motor that can't pull timing.

The zex kit is a good starter kit I've found, and I was happy with mine for a while, but I've upgraded from the Zex injector to the Nitrous Outlet throttlebody plate; much cleaner, and better performing. I did keep the rest of the zex kit, just upgraded the injection system. I highly advise a window switch as well to prevent pushing nitrous below 2600rpm and to prevent hitting the rev limiter while still spraying.

RTBenny 10-27-2011 10:14 PM

Thanks guys. I've heard the same about 1 degree of timing for every 50 horse. Obviously that would be the way to go but I just don't have a way. That's why I plan to keep it only a 75 shot until tuning is released. And as far as a window switch goes, I would never run without one. I'll buy a bottle heater, pressure guage, and a window switch seperately. I do need to look into the plate setup. I had one before and liked it. Anymore ideas and suggestions anyone?

CdnoilRAM 10-27-2011 10:24 PM

With all that you should be pretty set, a purge would be a good idea as well.

RTBenny 10-28-2011 05:22 PM

Thanks, I've been looking a little more. What do ya'll think about the Brand X single nozzle kit from Nitrous Outlet. It's less than $500 and I could upgrade to a plate setup later for bigger shots. It also has jets for a 50 shot, which is what I would actually like to do first.

916Timmy 10-28-2011 05:24 PM

That sounds really good! You have a birthday is coming up soon! :)

RTBenny 10-28-2011 05:49 PM

It's the second one. $479

And check this one out:

chefred112 10-28-2011 11:31 PM

you can do it with no tuning as long as you use the correct pill's..I would get a colder plug, cheap insurance..

RTBenny 10-29-2011 07:23 PM

Dang it Chefred, your truck is just gnarly. That's not a word I use much but it fits the bill nicely.

About the plugs. How do colder plugs affect normally aspirated performance? I probably won't be spraying that often. Few track days a year and occasionally on the street goofing off.

Also, can I buy colder range plugs that last? I hate the idea of changing 16 plugs every 32,000 miles.

Finally, did ya'll have any thoughts on the two kits I linked to? Thanks guys.

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