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sheaandrew 11-04-2011 10:20 PM

Installing RKE
Hi there, I bought my '96 1500 a few years ago used, and I knew it had an aftermarket remote start system installed. What I didn't know, was that this remote start system supports keyless entry. I found the remote start module under the steering column, and sure enough the keyless entry harness port isn't hooked up to anything. I would love to have keyless entry, especially if it's only a saturday afternoon away. However, I'm not sure where to splice in, and I don't have any wiring diagrams for the power locks. Here is the link to the wiring diagram to the module, if anyone could help me with this, that'd be awesome!

Dieselkiss 11-05-2011 10:32 PM

From memory
Ok, am going to try to do this from memory so bare in mind this is just my thoughts and PLEASE check elsewhere before doing anything.

My Ram came without central locking or alarm or electric windows when I bought her.
I bought an aftermarket alarm with RKE and I used after market solenoids. I had to build my own wiring looms and now my doors are wired into my alarm. I have keyless entry and also, when I turn my ignition on my doors lock and when I turn the ignition off they unlock (unlike if you wired into the Control box and the doors would lock at 15 MPH).
As I recall I completely ignored Dodges own wiring into the main control box ( as in my central locking is NOT wired into my trucks central computer), though I used the diagram because I used Dodges switches in the doors and needed to know which wires to run from switches to solenoids.

Now, if I remember correctly, there are only two wires running to your solenoid for the door lock and the way they work is when you push your button in your door to lock, power goes through from wire A to wire B to complete the circuit (I can't remember off hand what the colours were) and when you push the button on your door to lock the power goes from wire B to wire A to complete the circuit. So essentially, the power goes one way to lock and the other way to unlock.

Now, you'll need to look on here for the wiring diagram for your truck (mine was a bit of a nightmare because I was using door switches from a '95 which are different to a '99), which you should be able to find on these forums and find out which wire to your solenoids does which.
Then you'll want to run a splice from port 8 (brown wire) on your after market alarm to the wire on your solenoid that controls locking and, conversely, run a splice from port 9 (Green wire) on your aftermarket alarm to the wire on the same solenoid that controls unlocking. You'll need to do this for both sides of the vehicle. I stripped out the front of the dash and ran my looms behind.
I don't recall there being any earth points for the solenoids themselves and that earthing and such was taken care of in the switches and the after market alarm system.

I may be simplifying this and it may have been more complex when I did it, but it's been over a year since I did it and honestly, I think it is that simple.

Please check with other people before taking my word because I don't want to damage your baby and if you have any questions with which I can help feel free to ask and I will do my best.

Just as a note, the option to lock and unlock my doors with the ignition was something I had to set in my alarm system; if you doors already lock and unlock from the vehicles control box at 15 MPH you'll want to ensure you DON'T turn ignition lock/unlock on in your aftermarket alarm system if it has that capability.

Oh and for goodness sake, wire everything up and test it before you do the final install, then TEST IT AGAIN!!!

Good luck.

sheaandrew 11-06-2011 12:27 PM

Wow! Thank you very much for all the info. Unfortunately I've only been able to find the wiring diagrams for 3rd + generation rams on here :( Time to look harder I guess!

Dieselkiss 11-06-2011 01:00 PM

Try this
Ok, these are links to the actual wiring diagrams for the alarm system I installed.
Now, of course, it' not the same aftermarket as yours, is the wiring for the 96 ram door lock system, so from this you should be able to work out how to wire in your specific alarm system.

Turns out, when explaining stuff to you...I completely forgot about relays.....shows what a year makes you forget hu? lol

I really hope this helps you.

This one is a list of relative wiring and colors

This tells you that the lock side of your system is an orange/purple wire and that the unlock side of your system is a pink/purple wire and that the relays and wiring block will be located under the drivers kick panel.

And if you click on the lock and unlock link on the left side of the list it will take you to this actual diagram...

This shows where the negative lock and unlock wires from your alarm system wire into the door lock system, and if you look on your alarms wiring diagram, both the outputs are negative outputs.

Now, because my vehicle came with non of the stuff and I had to do it all from scratch I had to buy the relays. If you have to buy them, they are readily available from any decent motor parts store, but am guessing your truck will already have them.

I know your after market is a different one to mine, but, honestly I think when it comes to the lower end after market alarms, which mine is, they tend to be pretty much the same guts with different box and badges. Now I'm not saying yours is the same, but I'd still bet my bottom dollar that if you wire yours in according to the diagram for mine, it will work. Of course, test it with temp wiring, don't solder/wire anything in permanently till you know it all works. I know I keep saying that, but it is REALLY REALLY important!!

I actually used these diagrams from the alarm manufacturer along with wiring diagrams for my truck, though as I was building it from scratch I only used the dodge wiring diagram for the switches, not for the solenoid/relay wiring.

Hollar if you need more help.

sheaandrew 11-06-2011 11:59 PM

Thanks again! I'll probably start on it this weekend. I also just bought one of these to install in the driver door. It'd be pretty cool to unlock my doors simply by waving my keychain neer the lock! :smiley_thumbs_up: I'll post again if I need help, and to let you know how it turns out!

Dieselkiss 11-07-2011 09:16 PM

Hope it helped, chap!!!

And nice. Ya know, I've always wanted to add a complete keyless system to my truck. RFID or such for doors AND ignition with a starter button and a solenoid to dis-engage the steering lock and completely remove the ingnition barrel.
It doesn't need it, but back in the UK a friend of mine had a new Renault and he had the RFID style system with a credit card sized unit in his wallet and when he approached the car, the alarm would unset and the ignition come on, he'd get in and push a start button and voila!!! Then he'd push the start button again, engine would shut down and when he walked away the ignition would turn off and the alarm would set.
It was so cool lol It would serve no other purpose than feeding my nerdy 'I want to be James Bond' side ha ha ha ha ha.

Btw, take some pics of your install job!!! When I did mine, I took photos of the entire project, but sadly a hard drive crash destroyed them all so I was never able to post them, so it would be nice to see your step by step pics.

sheaandrew 11-12-2011 03:07 PM

Well, I was snooping around today. I popped out my driver door switch panel, and I found the orange/purple and pink/purple wires. I also ran two wires from the alarm system: the unlock and lock signal. From what I understand, these two wires hook up to relays, as per this diagram. But where are these relays? Driver kick panel? Driver door? Thanks

Dieselkiss 11-12-2011 04:52 PM

Ok, so if you bare in mind I did mine completely from scratch, I bought the relays separately (or they came with my alarm, I don't remember) it may turn out that these relays are added on for the remote lock system and are not part of the standard door lock system - I honestly don't know. If they ARE part of standard system then they will be under the kick panel in the fuse/relay box. If not, then you will need to buy the relays which are...R30-H relays (which is a 5 pin 30 amp relay available from most motor stores though may not be listed as an R30H - but just draw a diagram same as the one in the wiring pic and check against the standard relays available in the stores) and are just a few bucks a pop.
It's tough doing this from memory - next time, I'll video any job I do lol

I would HIGHLY recommend investing in a Haynes manual or similar for the actual legit wiring diagrams, or maybe hunt them down on the web and then that will show if there are and which relays there are for the door locks on the standard install. I seem to remember I paid for a membership to a site for the FULL wiring diagrams for my truck but don't remember it's name so look around.

Now, IF I remember rightly, I found an empty block in the fuse box and took my 12v feed for the relays/locking system from there, but, on the diagrams I gave you, if you scroll down under the pic, it explains how and where to cut power wires.

Hope this helps, if not, by all means ask and as always, I'll help if I can :smileup:

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