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Rottiedawg 11-10-2011 01:23 PM

Mods and Factory Warranty
Not new to mods but new to mods with full factory warranty.

I'm sure its been discussed, but... Looking to add a few basic performance mods to start with: CAI, Throttle Body, Mufflex Muffler, etc.

Do any of these void the warranty. If not these what most popular mods do?

Thanks for any feedback.

SeattlePete 11-10-2011 01:32 PM

CAI and muffler won't invalidate the warranty. As for the throttle body, is there a reason you want to change it? My experience with TBs is that going to a larger bore TB without supporting mods (like cam, headers and exhaust, etc) doesn't do much except fatten the wallet of the vendor.

As a rule, the servicing dealer has to prove that the mod directly caused the failure; example-adding a CAI and then having a differential go out, you have coverage for the diff.

Used the search function- there are threads aplenty for hours of reading pleasure!

Edit 2: Welcome!

MidwestJ 11-11-2011 12:31 PM

I've got the CAI, y-pipe & magnaflow, and the ported fastman throttle body. Never a word been said when I've taken my truck in to the dealership for service and it's been in a few times.

Could they be logging my mods in some secret vault of dodge ram knowledge somewhere? Sure; but I highly doubt it.

erm 11-11-2011 01:24 PM

Just remember that the buyer and seller has rights and responsibilities under the Magnusson-Moss Act.

Basically, what Pete described above is how it works. The grey area is who the burden of proof is on, i.e., "Prove my CAI ruined my radio!!!" or, "Prove to me that your supercharger didn't blow up your engine!!!"

I'm pretty sure my dealer knows I have a programmer....

Pull Ya 11-11-2011 06:02 PM

Some dealers are "mod friendly" and some are not. Some will let you slide a little and some won't. If you have a failure and it is a direct result of the mod you have then I think your SOL. If you change your muffler and your windows quit working then I think your OK because there is not a cause and effect. Get to know your service department and service manager. You will be able to figure out their feelings about moding your truck, and what they will suppot and what they won't. Remember if the factory refuses to pay the warranty claim then the dealer is responsible for the payment, and not many of them will pay for your claims if you have modded your truck and that is what caused the problem. A good rule of thumb is, If you can afford the mod then you should be able to afford the repair if it caused the problems. Just my .02.

dodgert 11-11-2011 06:08 PM

Stay away from the TB unless you do other stuff its a waste of money

Rottiedawg 11-13-2011 09:09 PM

Thanks everyone for the response. I was pretty certain of the same answers but I just wanted to check since I typically don't buy brand new. I was considering the TB but after hearing these comments I will hold off a bit. Thanks again.

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