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Dodger98 11-23-2011 10:50 AM

spending 1,000 dollars where on my truck (opinions)
i have a 98 ram 1500 5.2L. It doesnt have alot of "pep" but i have done alot to it. Here is a list of everything ive done to it, you tell me where i should spend 1k on it to make it "more peppy"

sct tuner - custom tune by hemifever
aem brute force intake
autolite plugs
stage 2 shift kit
2200 stall converter
4.56 gears with locker
dual exhaust

now it has a leveling kit on it (bds) and 285/70r17 tires

My truck has alot of torque, but its just not a performer, seems sluggish yet

what would help?
high flow cat?
headers (scared to do these, rusted header bolts...seems like a mess waiting to happen)
head work?

looking to spend around 1,000 dollars, maybe 1,500 if i can sell my ar15

wesundead 11-23-2011 12:06 PM

My plan
i have 99 sport with the 318.. i have big plans for it... been talking to Southeast performance who knows this motor in and out... with your budget i would recomend a comp cam and port and polish heads... that should be in your budget that is if you do the work yourself

snrusnak 11-23-2011 12:15 PM

I totally agree. You have a pretty good list, and all you're missing to put down decent hp numbers are higher rpm's and more flow. A diy port/polish isn't too technical and gives good results. Installing a cam isn't so bad either. For your budget you could probably even pay someone to do headwork for you, maybe bigger valves even. Would get close to $1,000 to have the valve work and P/P done, plus parts.

wesundead 11-23-2011 12:18 PM

And if you do get $1500 to spend i highly recomend a HOLLEY throtle body =)

Dodger98 11-23-2011 12:49 PM

well i think i would want the heads done by a professional

i got a buddy that will pop them off for me for a case of beer, send them away to get them done

should i just get a standard port/polish?

i thought too about shaving the heads, to bump the compression or do you thing a port/polish will do the trick?

snrusnak 11-23-2011 12:58 PM

What's the compression ratio on those motors? I'm not familiar with them, but more compression is good. The shop would almost certainly mill the heads anyway. What you want is to port and polish the intake and exhaust, but also gasket match the intake. This will eliminate the rough transition from the intake to the head. Gasket match the manifold too if you can. Don't gasket match the exhaust port it will not help(as long as the mandifold is bigger than the port itself). Gasket match the exhaust manifolds though. You could do slightly bigger valves (I don't know the stock sizing) but you want the exhaust valve to be roughly 70% the size of the intake valve. This with a mildly aggresive cam would make a huge difference. Careful though, I see you have an aftermarket converter, you'll want to choose your cam keeping that in mind.

Dodger98 11-23-2011 01:12 PM

my big thing is it must work with the rest of the truck.

If i pop the heads off, get a port/polish, will i need to upgrade the cam and roller rockers?

see im looking to spend no more than 1,500 total

i know a cam would help, but only if the heads are flowing, if i skip the heads and just put 1.7 roller rockers on, would that do anything?

im pretty confused with doing these mods. They must go in order, i dont want to do a mod, then go back and replace something that wont work with the mod i did

Maybe you guys could put it in order of what should be done? im thinking first i go with a high flow cat...from there i should do.....

snrusnak 11-23-2011 01:17 PM

Again I'm not familiar with that engine, but if you currently have 1.6 ratio rockers and go to 1.7 you'd gain a little bit of lift, it'd be a small gain in power. I would either go all the way and do the cam and matching valvetrain or don't do it at all and save until you can. You'll want the valve springs on the head to be suitable for the cam, so if you do the heads keep that in mind and maybe you oughta get the springs to match the cam you'd buy in the future. Stock cams are pretty pathetic, you could do the heads and get some gains but you won't really reap the benefits until you change the cam.

Dodger98 11-23-2011 01:26 PM

ok that makes sense. good to know thanks. getting all that done at once it going to expensive

wondering then where i should start? Other than a high flow cat?

i shouldnt pop the heads b/c i would need a cam to help get the most gains
if i do that i need to replace the rockers .

so it sounds like im back to square bummer:4-dontknow::4-dontknow::4-dontknow::4-dontknow:

snrusnak 11-23-2011 01:28 PM

lol well you can do the heads then do the cam later. You'll still gain a lot from headwork, plus the boost in compression, and the in general freshened up top end. I'm just saying you would gain way more with a good cam. If it were me I'd do the head work now, and put valve springs on to match a future cam. That way later on when you do the cam all you need to do to the heads is pop the valve covers off, change lifters, pushrods, and rockers.

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