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snrusnak 12-02-2011 11:36 PM

Anybody have REAL experience with Hi Point?
I'm thinking of purchasing a hi point 9mm firearm, mainly for the shooting range. I've been doing a lot of research, and talking to a lot of people, and seems to me like they sure have a bad name. I noticed though that people who actually have the gun, or have at least fired one seem to love them, and the haters are those who have never touched one (...maybe upset because they spent so much more on an "equivalent" gun???), or those who sell them (don't make any money off selling them because they are so inexpensive). I'm looking for opinions from those who have actually used/owned them, no haters just because lol! I'm really close to pulling the trigger (sorry...had to) on the purchase, for $160 for a 100% american made firearm with a lifetime warranty, and good reputation from actual owners, I can't see why not to...

On a side note, I'm debating between the 9mm($160) and the .38($140).....I'm thinking the 9mm will be cheaper in the long run as I believe the ammunition is this correct?

GhostR1der 12-02-2011 11:44 PM

Don't get the 380. The Hi-point is a cheap made handgun and to a lot of people are junk. Honest opinion they will shoot when you pull the trigger. They are decently accurate but they are HUGE. The ergonomics are not comfortable and the pistol has a ton of muzzle flip. You can't strip them down to clean them and accessories are a no go. If you want something to shoot just to shoot then they are ok. If you are looking at competition set up or carry then I would strongly look at something else. I have put several hundred rounds through several different hi points (not ALOT when I shoot almost 1k a month) but I will say they hi point carbines are very underrated. If you want to step up a bit in price and get a higher quality and ease of ownership go with a sig pro 2022 or CZ P07. Both can be had for $399 new. There are a ton of options that open up in the $400-$550 range. This is just my experience and opinion.

EDIT: I should mention that I compete in several different handgun sports so my use will be different then some. I also carry concealed and buy pistols that fit multiple roles. It really all depends on what YOU are wanting. I am also sort of a pistol snob so take my advice with a grain of salt. Lol

25bduse 12-02-2011 11:46 PM

I own a .45ACP Hi-Point and love it. You hit the nail on the head. Everyone who doesn't own one talks crap. I went shooting with my fire dept. buddies who all have expensive guns and pretty much owned them with a gun that is half the price. It is heavy but bad ass and very accurate. Never jammed on me once.

snrusnak 12-02-2011 11:53 PM

Thanks both for the input. My brother told me he fired his friend's hi point .40, along with a handful of other big name guns the guy had like glock, etc.... and he was most accurate with the hi point, and that it did not jamb and one of the big names did (I think it was browning arms). I have heard they are heavy, and also realize you need tools to take them apart and clean them. In the end, I am ok with needing tools to clean, and them being heavy. I will probable only use it once a month at the most. I'm thinking this is a good purchase for me. This will be the first firearm that I actually purchase, so I think it's a good one as it's inexpensive and will let me test the water. From your input it sounds like it is good for what I want.

Is it correct that 9mm is less expensive than .38?

snrusnak 12-02-2011 11:57 PM


I sort of appreciate your input the most as I can tell you think they are junk, but are giving me the info I asked for "Honest opinion they will shoot when you pull the trigger." and "If you want something to shoot just to shoot then they are ok". That's exactly what I wanted to know as it's my first firearm purchase.

GhostR1der 12-03-2011 12:04 AM

I shouldn't say they are junk just not appealing to most people but if you are wanting something to get you started in shooting then it's a good way to go. Beware though if you get hooked then be prepared to spend some money lol. The 9mm is the cheapest load you can get. The .380 is more expensive and not a very accurate load. I'm not a fan of .380 at all. .38 is a revolver cartridge and that is a different story.

snrusnak 12-03-2011 12:09 AM

Ok thanks! I've been shooting a little here and there over the past two years with some friends and my father. Honestly I'd really like to get a caltek (I want the made in usa sticker lol), but they are pretty pricey. My father is REALLY into it lately, and is competing, packing his own bullets (or whatever you call it) and shooting like 600 yds in competition...he told me "I sure wouldn't buy a POS $160 gun". I've sort of forced myself to come to my own conclusion from shooting my dad's glock 9mm that jambed on me, and my friend's browning arms .22 that jambed on me 3 times in 50 rounds, and hearing some good and bad about hi point. Both your input is very helpful, thanks!

snrusnak 12-03-2011 12:10 AM

Oh and I actually wanted a revolver for ease of cleaning and simplicity, however it seems like they are actually more expensive than the semi auto's...

GhostR1der 12-03-2011 12:18 AM

Just a word from a shooter ALL firearms jam. I have seen every make and model fail for one reason or another. Dirty magazines will cause any auto loader to fail at some point. Revolvers are pricey but you can beat the feeling of a nice wheel gun. Revolvers are much more rare when they fail but I have seen cylinders lock up and the timing be off cause issues. KEL-tec handguns are based more on concealed carry than anything else. Reloading is a great way to save money and you get to tailor your ammunition to suit you and your forearm. All firearms are different and can be tweaked for different loads and characteristics.

snrusnak 12-03-2011 12:24 AM

"KEL-tec" oops! lol, obviously I'm a noob here...I honestly can say once I saw the price I closed the website haha. At least for now I'm looking for cheap. I took my concealed carry class and used a .38 revolver for the proficiency test and I REALLY liked the revolver over the say half dozen semi auto's I've shot over the last year or two, EXCEPT that the barrel is significantly shorter and had much more kick (I think because of the short barrel?). I was fairly inaccurate with the revolver compared to the other guns I've shot. Everyone I shoot with says I'm a very good shot for a novice. I had a pretty large spread though with the revolver.

EDIT: Something else about "Kel-tec" (lol) is that they are only about 45 minutes away in they are local... (maybe my 2nd purchase....?)

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