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S77R 12-18-2011 09:13 AM

Power Inverter for Laptop
Hello, I am looking to buy a power inverter for the rear console power outlet to play DVD movies on for my kids on our next trip. My question is that I am not sure the rear power outlet is powerful enough and I am wondering if you guys that know more can help. My laptop is rated at 110-120V/1.7A, so roughly around 200watts needed. So I found the below power inverter that I was gonna order thats says it needs 20amps. So what I am confused on is the rear power outlet is a 20amp fuse, but in the manual it says not to use anything above 13amps. Will this power inverter work or will it keep blowing fuses? Like i said i am trying to connect this laptop so i can play movies on it for trips and don't want to keep blowing fuses. I thought I was good to go since this inverter and the outlet fuse both say 20amps, until I saw in the manual that the oulet shouldn't go above 13amps. Has anyone else had success running an inverter off of the rear outlet? thanks for all the help

Nufy 01-10-2012 02:37 PM

As long a the laptop power supply isn't rated higher than the inverter you should be OK.

Typically a laptops power supply is approx 75 watts total power consumption.

13 Amps x 12 VDC = 156 Watts available.

Given operating losses for the inverter itself you should still be way under the capacity for the inverter listed using your laptop.

The 20 amps noted is for max output from the inverter.

Just don't try to make coffee...

S77R 01-10-2012 03:39 PM

Thank you for the reply!

Sorry for my lack of electric knowledge or math but I am confused.

I know you mentioned that most laptops have a consumption of 75 watts, but on my laptop is rated at 120V/1.7A, so wouldn't that be about 204 watts needed? This is higher then the 13amp/156watt outlet so would this then not work with the rear outlet?

Also the inverter that I have linked above says it needs 20 amps, and I know that the fuse for the rear outlet is 20amps, but the manual states only use 13 amps with the rear outlet. If I use something like 20amps which matches the fuse rating will this continuously blow the fuse.

Again sorry for the lack of knowledge, I am just trying to understand if/what I can use to power my laptop in the truck. I assummed that the 150w dash outlet was not enough for my laptop which needs 204watts, so thats why I was looking into getting a power inverter instead.. thanks

Nufy 01-18-2012 12:23 PM

Just curious...Have you tried your laptop in the dash converter ??

S77R 01-18-2012 08:03 PM

Nufy, no I haven't. Since the power supply box on the laptop says it requires 204 watts, I didn't even think it was worth it thinking it would just trip it. I guess I can give it a try to see, but didn't think it would work for a long road trip.

THasse 01-18-2012 09:53 PM

Your math is correct, but maybe that means that it is the maximum capacity at which the computer can run or something. Another thing to keep in mind with the inverter is that it says it requires 20 amps to be able to acheive the wattage it states on the label. I've had an inverter in a pickup before. I don't recommend running it off of one of these outlets due to the small size of the wires. If the inverted doesn't get enough power, it creates a terrible whine. Just beware of that. What I did in that truck (it was a 2010 chevy) is hooked it to the trailer brake wires, that worked great, but don't forget to shut it off so you don't drain the battery. With having a trailer, which I'm guessing you do, that may not be the greatest idea, but it may still work. Not sure. Just my thoughts any way.

Dragonmaster13 04-27-2012 01:24 AM

The laptop and the inverter will be rated for inrush current which only happend momentartily. You should be fine to use the inverter and the laptop off the inverter with no negative effects.

If you do happen to have a rare scenario and the stars and planets align against you run a new circuit and 12V oulet direct off the battery with appropriate wire gauge and fuse (about $10 and an hour inthe driveway) and the problem, should it occur, would be solved.

S77R 02-16-2014 07:22 PM

Finally bought a 400w two prong inverter that I plugged into the rear console plug and it worked great with the laptop running a movie for the kids on our last trip!

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