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BJPUSMC 12-22-2011 09:38 AM

Bilstein 5100 Adjustment Question
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Those of you with the Bilstein 5100's installed on your 4th Gen Rams, I am curious as to how difficult it is to make height adjustments once they are installed. The reason I ask is that I already have a 6" ProComp Lift and want to add these to level out my truck. I have seen conflicting comments as to whether the max setting (2.8") is too much. This is on top of the fact that when compared to other 4th Gen with 6" lift that it seems mine doesn't sit quite as high. I woudl like to be able to install these with max setting and then go from there to get the best setup. The attached picture is how my truck sits now. Thanks.

platinuminjected 12-23-2011 12:14 AM

your best bet is to make sure what setting you want before installing because once they are in to adjust them you have to completly rip them back out to do any adjustment

BJPUSMC 12-23-2011 12:18 AM

Thanks for that info. That makes things more difficult. I would want to get the max out of these without going nose high. Anyone have a ProComp 6" lift with these bilsteins? If so, what setting do you have them at?

ScatPak07 12-23-2011 11:38 PM

I thougth the Bilstein lift the truck 2.5" max? I know in my 07 Ram they only lifted the truck a little more then 2". Bilstein generalized the shocks and if you read carefully they say they vary between trucks. Just saying make sure exactly what it raised the truck so you can get the lift right after you ad the 6".

Yes changing the height on them is a pain since you have to take them totally out. I have a 6" lift in my 07 and I have the Bilsteins set to the max up front. Really when you want to do this just take the measurements as if you do not have the 6" instaled. The lift kits should make the trucks level, so it is different then the factory since the rear usually sits higher. So then you will hve to raise the rear a little more if the truck is level. With my truck I just had to add a block since the Fabtech kit I put on added a leaf to the leafs to raise the rear. In the new Rams they do not have leafs so I do not know how to do it with your truck. I would imagine you would use bigger coil springs and a spacer to get the most out of the rear. Just be careful adding more then it can take, you will sacrifice the ride quality. So if you put the Bilsteins to the max you will have to match the height lift to the rear as well. I think it will look great since you will be around a 8.5" lift. I guess you would be going with at least a 37" tire with this kinda height

The other option you have as well if you want to go big is adding a body lift. Having the Bilsteins up front is a great thing since the lift kits do not come with new shocks. So having heavy duty shocks up front helps control those big tires. I believe Rough Country sells a 1.25" body lift and Performance Accessories sells a 3" body lift. They actually look good, you do not see the frame and other B.S. Just a thought if the adding lift to the rear does not work.

I dont know if any of this helps or not, I just kinda rambled on hahah

BJPUSMC 12-24-2011 06:10 AM

Thanks for the info Scat,

I havent heard of anyone putting additional rear spacers on the 4th Gen Rams on top of a 6 inch lift. I thind I woudl be too worried about creating too severe of an angle on the rear drive shaft. This will still be used as my daily driver and family mover ( i refuse to drive the wife's minivan if I don't have to) so want to keep some relaibilty in it

I have also considered the body lift route also but then I will no longer be able to add a bull bar up front (which is not a deal killer) but with the factor duals I woudl also have to redo the exhaust so they dont hang so low.

I will take your advice and measure the distance from the front hub to wheel well and rear hub to wheel well and figure out the difference and set the shocks to that.

In your experiences, are the lift gains pretty accurate to the setting (i.e. if I set it to 2" will I actually see 2"?


platinuminjected 12-24-2011 01:16 PM

i know bighorn4life has a 6inch bds lift with the bilsteins installed altho i cannot rember which setting he has them set at

Zeus 12-24-2011 09:15 PM

he has them maxed out

candy08 12-25-2011 06:40 PM

Theres a good 20 4th gens with various 6" lifts and maxed bilsteins. You will have to take out your 2 3/8" preload spacers. Thats gonna lower you 1.5", maxing them out is only gonna give you another 1-1.25" of lift. For the rear you have that big block thats 4-4.5", cant remember right now and then also some little big washer looking spacers for more lift, totals 5.25". Some pro comp owners have the frot preload spacers and rear extra spacers and some dont. It reall depends on who did your lift.

MuscleMckeester has the Pro Comp and maxed bilsteins with no issues. Iv got them maxed on an RCX with no issues. My cv's look a tad more angled than his since the rcx acheieves 1"+ of lift than the others bc of the bigger strut spacer. I also have a 1.5" rear top mount spacer stacked with my rear 4.5" lifted coil springs for a total of 6". Ive put a good 16k miles on my truck with this setup without any issues. Im gonna be traveling another 1000miles in it tomorrow matter of fact.

Get the Bilstiens and max em out and dont look back :D

BJPUSMC 12-26-2011 12:01 AM

Ok, I did my lift and I do not have any spacers in either the front or rear. I only have the lift block in the back and the longer coils in the front. Are these spacers something added by the shop becuase they were not included in my kit. Glad to know rear spacers are on option. Maybe then I should just max out the front shocks and then add spacers in the rear if needed to level it out. What do you think?

HighAnxiety 06-29-2013 09:29 AM

These Billsteins will raise the height? I thought adjusting the shocks changed the ride not the height. I installed a 6 inch lift in my 12 ram Sport, and want the "rake" out of the front. 5100's do the trick?

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