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Thanks for your write up.
It seems very well written and almost too good....LOL (dont mean anything negative by this just )

I can understand the science behind this based on reading this. Typically threads this long do not grab my attention but YOURS did

This part is not directed to you Kurtis, rather those members reading this thread.

Now many of you on these boards know, I have a lifted truck. Everything I did slowed the truck down and turned it into a dog. During the entire process I have been trying to get my truck back to stock truck feel and power and MPGs
Of course it cost money to do this, but guys who lift their truck need to know that your MPGs will stick but also understand what you need your truck for and what you hope to get in the end.
Now I did gears (4.56) to move these damn tires, Its almost a must for lifted guys who still want the stock or better than stock like drivability and pull. My truck definitely improved. I also played with tires (MT's vs At's and then 37's vs 35's) to get to MY sweet spot of how I want my truck to drive.
I want a lifted truck, but still want the truck to be able to boogie and I also want MPG's when I cruise with the family.
I am there!

Let me get back on topic

Throttle Body
Every time I purchase something I take the time to do my research.
I HATE wasting money and I am sure many of you feel the same way.
But I am anal about researching to come to conclusion that what I buy is good and fits what I need.

I strongly believe in reading 'real world feedback' and Moe's TB's had nothing but GREAT feedback and seemed to come up a lot under google searches.
Even read feedback of guys switching from Fastmans 84mm, 85mm to Moe's 85mm/87mm and noticing improvements.
So I reached out to maybe 12-15 members who run the Moe's TB and ran others prior in either 85/87 and all love it. A few actually have real dyno numbers from before and after and etc, etc.
Im very hesitant in making purchases even though it may seem otherwise but he has a policy that if anyone was not happy with the results, he would take it back for a full refund.
So why not, I re confirmed with him (Matt) prior to my purchase and grabbed one.
Great guy by the way

Some of the research I found and would like to share with all members here when I compared the top choices for TB's along with Moe's and what led me to Moe's

On their (Moe's) 87mm, they opened it up to 87mm at the front of the blade, and then use a very gradual taper on the back of the blade so that it matches the intake manifold. If you went any bigger on the back of the blade, then you would lose velocity and it would also require you to port your manifold to match the TB. That taper is what increases airspeed and shows the gains in throttle response. Also, the reason why their TB's don't require custom tuning is because they dont touch any material at the blade. No high idle codes or any of that mess that many guys get with the BBK TB (I read countless threads on this). All together, they developed a way to offer the most airflow without any driveability or tuning issues to worry about.
All in all, the TB does work, and is not a restriction on airflow.
This is not to say it cannot be custom tuned....
I have also reached out the Hemifever as I wanted a custom tune (but I will now do it locally due to what I will be getting done) and he of course asks what mods you have. I mentioned what I had and this is along the lines of what Sean (Hemifever) said...he has been very impressed with the gains that the 87mm TB has been showing. He is doing custom tunes for many on the forums, and he even told me that he sent me a PM to Matt (1-2 weeks ago) saying how much better our trucks are responding with their 87mm TB. That says alot when the guy writing the tune approves of the part

Here is my real world experience on this.

I purchased and installed my 85mm (Moe's TB). Drove around for 20-25 miles and noticed my truck (remember, Im lifted with heavy wheels) felt lighter on its feet from stop to go, throttle response was better and I wasn't too sure if this was just me or was it actually for real.
Later that day I asked myself why did i just not go with the 87mm for the minimal increase in $$. Asked a few members here if they were interested and it was gone (to another member here, who may or may not see this thread).

Boxed and packed up the TB. The following day dropping it off at the postal office I noticed the lag of the truck and to my dismay what I felt the day prior was in fact not a figment of my imagination, rather it was actually true.

Fast forward 2 weeks later.....
I received my 87mm TB and reinstalled that and I did notice once again what I felt. Was it in an increase from the previous 85mm? That I do not know as I did not dyno it, nor removed the 85mm prior to installing the 87mm. But what I felt a few weeks ago with the 85mm was yet again there.

Now, I went with the 87mm because of what I will be doing over the coming 2-4 weeks.
But I can assure you my truck did not feel any slower IN ANY WAY
There are many members running both the 85/87mm TBs

This is my feedback on the purchase I made of the 85mm and 87mm Moe's TB.
I am a firm believer of sharing positive feedback and thought I would do that here.

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