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Originally Posted by mikennrg View Post
I've towed over 2000lbs. often with a v-6 dakota that had much less HP than the Pentastar and a terrible first gear ratio. If he's only towing a couple jetskis every once in a while the 3.21 will be fine. If he got the 3.55 his computer would skip 1st for most driving from what I've heard.
Now I'm torn...

My drive is pretty well all highway / country roads, so I'm rarely going slower than 100 km/h, usually closer to 110 or 120. I do have some pretty big hills, and what I thought I had read before that the 3.21's wouldn't handle the hills as well and would actually cost me more money in gas than the 3.55's. That's kind of what I was going off of, but I assumed that it was for the 6 speed transmissions. So I wanted to know about hte 8 speed to see if there was still this issue or not...
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