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Originally Posted by ramvan2500 View Post
Oh I am all the way up in the Daytona area, Palm Coast. I doubt you will want to drive all the way up to me for a simple exhaust job, but if you do I cannot do it anytime this month because I am out of the state on some business and won't be back until March 19th. I will PM you anyways just incase you do decide to take a ride up or if you end up down the road needing some serious repairs or modifications. I been thinking about making a Daytona area Ram club because their are plenty of them but not serving Daytona, we have Ocala and I think Miami, Tampa, but no Daytona, atleast not that I am aware of.

Snrusnak though, who is in your area, can weld up the exhaust for you, he so graciously offered to do so. I personally don't like to weld the entire exhaust, I prefer clamps because if you ever have to take apart the exhaust, for whatever reason it may be, it is just easier to remove clamps and rusted pipes then cut out pipes or grind down welds. I remember when I had to do my rear main seal, had to move the exhaust a little to get the oil pan out.

But those parts you listed from autozone are perfect. Their are always better options but unless you have rebuilt the engine, than there isn't much a reason to go and blow big bucks. Exhaust systems and intake manifolds are really designed around the cam and valve train, it is a good idea though to always have an exhaust system that flows a minimum of 3 times the intake because of waste products, but the idea is to keep pressure low and velocity high, exhaust systems are very tricky to tune without some sort of flow modeling, it's all physics. The only place where you want to have a higher pressure (slow down the gases) is in the collector area for the O2 sensor, and the collector area is almost always smaller than the total combined area of the headpipes, and for a good reason, back pressure is good in a sense because gas always flows from a high pressure system to a low pressure system, because of this it helps to create that scavenging effect and also helps with the expelling of gases from the exhaust system.

Oh, if you do get headers sometime in the future, I like hedman, they are decent and inexpensive. Hookers are good headers but that are typically more expensive.
That is true. I want him to keep me posted in a month or two when he is available. I dont know enough about welding vs clamps. I looked under my truck and it all looks welded to me. lol.
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