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if you are looking for a fuel filter it should be between the fuel pump and carburetor under the alternator if someone has not removed it. there should be 3 lines hooked to it. 1 to the carb. 1 to the pump and then one out the side that runs back to the gas tank as a return line. as far as timing chain goes i think you would just be better of to pick up a double roller timing set. i would not rely on mechanic gears. now if you were to go 4 barrel do not stick a 600cfm carb on it unless you have it sitting around already. on a 318 you would need something in the 400cfm. anything bigger than 400cfm is really a waste on such a small engine. now i don't know if i would waste my time with TBI. i might consider swapping a mutli port fuel injected 318 like used in the 92 and 01 dodge rams but not TBI. now i do have to say once you get a carb tuned fairly good they can be reliable. i used my 81 as a daily driver for over a year and never really had any problems. now one of the mods you may want to look into if you have not done it already is putting your headlights on relays. headlight and dimmer switches seem to be common problems on some of the trucks all the way up to 01 which is why i think most companies put there headlights on relays before then. it also make your head lights a bit brighter.
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