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That kit won't help with payload but it does get it up in the air. Since it's not a suspension lift, there's no issues maintaining proper pinion angle at all 4 ends of your driveshafts.

Body lifts are a bit of work to install and you'll have all kinds of wires and hoses that will need to be extended.

With a suspension lift of a comparable size, you don't have as many lines and wires to lengthen except for the brake lines (I'm going with a longer set of braided stainless steel lines) but you do have to make sure the pinion angles are set properly.

With a suspension lift and some helper bags at the rear, you get the lift with less complications and a way to level out the truck when the load gets heavy in the back.

Your payload rating would not suffer with a suspension lift. It may actually improve, depending on the spring rates with a set of add a leafs in the back.
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