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Window Visor Update:

It's been one week since I installed my AVS in-channel visors (part #194109) and I must admit I am close to ripping them off the truck and sending the pieces back! I have no pictures of my problem, save one - included below.

This is the first set of in-channel visors I have ever owned, having used the exterior tape on in the past. I wanted to maintain the sleek look of my Ram which is why I opted for this variation. They did install easily and quickly. No real hiccups. And I left the windows up for two days to allow everything to set and settle into place.

Ever since last Wednesday, every blasted time I open my driver's side window the glass catches the visor on the front flange. I can only close the window completely by pulling over, opening my door and reaching over the door and holding the edge of the visor away from the window so the glass doesn't catch and make that horrid "SNAP" sound (I swear I expect the visor to crack every time I hear that). This is a VERY annoying and time consuming habit that is leading me further into insanity!

I have tested the other windows over the last few days to find that the two rear visors are performing flawlessly. You can hear the glass sliding over the visor while opening or closing but that is fine. No catching, so I'm good there. The front passenger glass does catch the visor if I use the auto-up feature. However, if I just tap it up without allowing the auto function to kick in, it slides over the front flange of the visor without issue (same sliding sound as the rears, but that's fine.. there's no catch or cracking sound so I'm happy).

After some research, scouring the internet.. I pulled the driver's visor off tonight and found that the front flange has no tape on it. Well, that may explain the problem! Why in the world would they not put tape on all edges of these visors?! Seeing as how I am just plum out of 3M tape, I took an idea I read from a number of reviewers and smeared some super glue on the flange and stuffed the visor back into the channel. Come morning, I should have an idea of whether or not this approach will work.

This whole experience saddens me as these visors do look awesome, paint matched or not, on my truck and their supposed functions are appealing to me. However, if I cannot get the entire set to perform correctly, I will resort to my original, spontaneous plan of ripping the set off, sending the pieces back and ultimately installing the original exterior tape on version. I truly do not want to go that route. But, really, what other options have I?

If anyone who has ever used in-channel visors has any feedback, suggestions, ideas, opinions.. I am totally open to hear anything that may help! Thanks for listening.

A picture of the front leading edge of the driver's side visor. The front flange is notably missing any adhesive to assist it in sticking to the channel and keeping clear of the glass.
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