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Talking *Installed* High Beam Fog Light Kit

Hey everyone.. I finally got around to installing this kit I bought four months ago. There was some discussion that this kit was not correct for our Rams.. I can confirm that it will work with a 2012 Laramie CC 4x4 (not sure if the equipment under the hood and the setup of the front bumper varies between models).

This kit is available on eBay.
Also available direct from the seller's website.

This kit is intended to force the fog lights to come on with the high beams. The factory fog light switch will not override this mod - meaning your fog lights will ALWAYS be on whenever the high beams are on (unless you purchase additional parts for this kit). If you are like me and do not care about this (after all, isn't that the whole point?!) then please read on...
A few things to mention about this kit.

On our first test run, the driver side fog light came on with the parking light. I've included notes (Step #3) about this problem below.

On our second test run, only the driver side fog came on with the high beams. The manufacturer assumed that tapping into the driver side fog light only would force both fog lights to come on with the high beams. This is NOT TRUE in my Ram. Our fog lights are fed independently. This kit does not include an additional wire to connect the passenger side fog to the driver side fog. So make note that you will need about 6 feet of #16 automotive stranded single conductor wire.
Here are the instructions with my own comments/actions and, of course, some pics.

Step #1
Open hood and remove driver's side head light. 3 bolts hold it in place. Clean the wiring back from the headlight socket to see the wire colors.

-They should recommend removing the front grille as doing so reduces this step by one whole degree of difficulty by getting the grille out of the way. I removed the grille which proved helpful later on...

Step #2
Mount the conversion box to the inner core support towards the top right hand side, where the washer bottle bolt is. Be sure to install the ground wire. This will be the short wire with the ring terminal.

-Due to the length (or severe lack thereof) of the white wire in the harness (mentioned and used in Step #3 below), we mounted the conversion box on the inner edge of the left fender (forward of the distribution box, using an existing ground wire bolt). The conversion box bracket had to be drilled out slightly in order to fit under the bolt.

Step #3
Install a single T-Tap on the white wire with green stripe (or the high beam positive wire) from the head light socket. Plug the white wire from the conversion box into this T-Tap.

-A MAJOR note to mention: If you are able to mount the conversion box to where you can get the short white wire to reach right behind the headlight socket wires, then this won't pose you a problem. However, with where we mounted the conversion box, we tapped into a white wire with green stripe further up the line (instead of right behind the head light socket). We became aware that there are TWO white wires with green stripes where we tapped into the loom - one for the parking light and one for the high beam! Just something to keep in mind if you tap into the loom further up the loom.

Step #4
Unplug the wiring from the fog light inside the bumper on the driver's side. It will be located on the back of the fog light. Clean the wiring back and install the 2nd T-Tap to the blue wire (or the fog light positive wire). Do not connect to the black wire!! Plug the long loomed wire with the blue male connector from the conversion box into this T-Tap.

-My fog light wiring had only one black and one white wire.. no blue wire! We tapped into the white. Please note!

Step #5
Run the long loomed wire with the ring terminal to the distribution box. Under the lid on the far left side you will find a 12V positive source. Mount the ring terminal to the power source and close the lid. Tuck any loose wiring back with the supplied zip ties. Check you work and you're done!

Couldn't be happier with this mod!!!!

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