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Default Completed full spark plug change

Thought I would share my experiences with this weekends plug swap for anyone contemplating thier own. I am skipping details like "I removed the airbox..."
a) First of all, what came out of my 2010 truck were 16 NGK (92174) LZFR5C-11 and that's what went back in. The cheapest I found them was for $4.39 each at O'Reiley Auto parts.
b) The gap was perfect on each plug so no change there.
c) Accessing most of the plugs (as mentioned on this forum many times) was not hard except for a couple spots; One was the passenger-side rear where I found it easier to remove a two screw bracket that held a wire bundle.The other tough spot was by the brake booster (driver's side). Two sets of plugs are harder to get if you do not have a 4" extension. Most 3/8" extensions are 3" or 6". So I had to get creative with 1/4" extensions. Basically I dropped the socket into the plug hole, then followed with a short extension, then followed with a 1/4" to 3/8" adapter. Once loosened, I did the reverse one piece at a time. Installing the new plugs went the same way, one tool piece at a time.
d) The rest of the 10 plugs were completely uneventfull. I do not believe in anti-seize for plugs because it changes the torque to easily, and my old plugs with 50K miles on them, looked good on the threads that were exposed to combustion. (meaning they were not an issue to remove) But I do believe strongly in electrical grease which I applied to the plug ceramic and a bit on the boot before install.
e) While I hoped for some awesome change in performance, sound, idle....SOMETHING! I honestly do not notice any difference at all.

Final thoughts: I was suprised how lightly the screws were torqued on removing the coil packs and equally suprised how tough the initial breaking torque on removing the plugs was. After they broke free 1/16th of a turn, they all hand-threaded out super easy.
Hope this helps somebody!

RAM Pickup: 2010 1500 Laramie Hemi: Magtec Rear Diff cover/AmsOil 75w-110 Syn, 24" Magnaflow, Resonator delete, Line-X; Bilstein shocks with leveling kit 2.75";305/60-20 GY Wrangler Silent Armor Pro Grades; Lift Air Bag Suspension;
RAM Truck: 2006 3500 ST Cummins:Line-X; Leveling Kit 2" with Edelbrock shocks; Ultra Custom rims w/ 265/70-17 Goodyear Silent Armor Pro Grade; Backup Camera/NAV/DVD video/Reese 24K 5th wheel hitch; RDS 51 Gal tank/toolbox; Banks:CAI, MonsterRam 3.5",Monster Exhaust;Pac Brake Prxb.
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