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I've never really heard of any other the city dealers to be any good. Some worse than others. I go to eastside because it's a block down from my work but the service kind of sucks sometimes. My latest experience:
Pulled into the drivethru for an oil change at 24000kms. A guy not dressed like the other advisors walks up and immediately asks my milage. I tell him 24000kms and that I'm just looking to get my oil changed. He says "well at 20000 we recomend a wheel alignment just to make sure there's no issues" I ask if that is included in my extended warranty free maintenance. He says no but it's "only" $149. I said "yea not interested, if there's an issue at 20000kms then dodge has some serious warranty to answer to." He just said "oh well let me take you to your advisor over here then" and hustled me off. I told my advisor what he had said and even she seemed shocked, she said "your truck is pretty well brand new why would you need that?" I was pissed, I know how the alignment sale thing works from working at the chev dealer. The people in the service drivethru make a bonus on every alignment they sell. As soon as he wasn't going to make anything extra on me he hustled me off to another advisor. I was going to complain but after I was finished getting my truck in for it's oil change he was gone and I couldn't find him and didn't get his name.

What confuses me is according to the warranty info book oil changes are every 13'000kms, the manual says the same. My first oil change I did at 9'000 and they were giving me heck for it and said both books are wrong and it should never be longer than 5'000kms. Who's right? I've always done oil changes on my older vehicles at 5'000 but I figured I'd go by the manual when I bought my truck since it does nothing but highway driving.
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