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Never thought I would post here, but my anger finally got the better of me. I live in a neighborhood with a TON of kids. And there is a park directly across the street from from me with swing sets, slides, etc.- Well you get the idea, there are kids from all over the town around here constantly. So lately, there has been a jerk with this lime green rice rocket with a wing and "fart muffler" speeding through the roads around the park and the kids. The other day on one of his "laps" through the neighborhood, I yelled at him to slow the f*ck down, and he flips me off, and floors it. So about two hours later, I go to the local 7-11 and there the guy is in the parking lot. I ask him if he wants to settle his problem like a man would, but he just acts like he doesn't hear me. "Oh well" I think and go to drive home. About 2 seconds later, the douche is tailgating me, weaving in and out, and when the coast is clear, the little A-hole actually nails it to try and pass me! I let him get even with the RAM's door and then floored it. I swear it looked as if he hit the brakes as I took off. Well thats what 400 hp vs. 120 hp is all about. Sorry for the long post, fellas.
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