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A cold air intake will help as long as you don't put the PCV hose circuit back into it.

Since your user details aren't complete (I suggest you go into them and add the info on year truck, engine, etc...) I assume you have a HEMI, which do blow a bit of oil.
Get a small breather for your crankcase ventilation inlet on the valve cover and block off the tube on the intake tube where it would go.

At the other end, get a catch can that has two inlets and put your PCV hoses from the engine on those inlets. It will trap the oil and not let it return to the intake. You'll have to empty the catch can with each oil change.

That will keep your intake from getting oil in it.

Here's some pics from my Chrysler 300C SRT8 that will give you an idea of what I am talking about:

On the backside of my stock intake tube was a small tube that the crankcase ventilation hose went. It's not there anymore on this intake. At the top of my engine covers you'll see the small breather and hose that goes to the crankcase ventilation inlet now:

Here's the catch can I used, a piece from Billet Technology. You'll see the two inlets:

Here are the two PCV hoses attached and the catch can is in place. I have a 6.1L HEMI in this car so the routing of the hoses is a bit different than the 5.7L found in the trucks but it can be done.

Here's the PCV hose routing pics. The first one shows the hoses attached to the catch can, the second and third show where those hoses go on my engine:

This is the amount of oil I typically drain out of the catch can under normal driving after 1,000 miles. If I have been drag racing or driving hard and fast, and have gone 3,000 miles; the can will be 1/2 full or more:

Hope this helps!
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