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Originally Posted by TheBlackHemi View Post
My truck should be out the shop hopefully tomorrow but when I told him about it in an e-mail he pointed his finger at me. Go figure I install his tranny tune on April 1st and my tranny dumps on the 5th. The dealer told me the scanners showed tq limits and pressures that were too high and go figure what do you think he tune my tranny for. He increased line pressure and I'm sure he killed TM because I was burning rubber from a dig like no other. I e-mailed him after the dealer told me what happened on April 17th and never got a reply back. That's ok I'm about to make a thread and put him on blast with all the e-mails from day 1 dealing with him. That snake was trying to steal Hemifevers tunes from me since January LOL but anyway I'm done with my rant.
I have an 09 with the lifetime drivetrain warranty so I set my tune back to stock erry (lol) time I put in in the shop. Not sure how many miles are on ur truck or how long ur warranty is but I would think that you would know to set ur tune back to stock in the same case no doubt. So how would the dealer know this was done to ur trans...just saying? He may be blowing smoke up ur tailshaft...ur tailshaft if you know what I mean. I had SC trans tuning and my sylonoid /clutch pack went out at 30k ml but it wasn't SC fault. It was these trans not being capable of over 450 hp. I literally burn rubber from a 20 mph roll erry (luv this word, sry) time and again at second gear shift, all stock with just a K&N wet filter and SC and custom Jerrico (me, lol) tune. I have to pepper my truck in a race from a dig with SC t/m set at 8%. I shift out at 6100 and the 6000 in sec. Could go to 6200 but torque falls off there and doesn't do sec gear burn as well. Grant it I have a RCSB/3.92/30" useless G/Y tires. I know ur pissed and I can't blame you, but maybe you should think a while before jumping to conclusions about blaming this guy? I would be willing to bet that ur issues are the same that I had with mine at 30k mls....solonoid/clutch pack. I've had none since and my trans has been through hell and back @55K mls especially towing. I'm currently on a 91 tune but mostly run a 93 since tuner came out. As it stands, I am sure that my trans could not take my current tune/hp if I were running R/M drag radials. And I'm not going to either because of. In any case good luck with your truck fix and your new toy Mustang. Came inches from getting one myself had it not been for the 10' timing chain and four cams, lol. Can't see myself modding that engine durring a rebuild. Wouldn't know how to deal with four cams/timing and I'm good with them, lol.
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