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Driver72 will become famous soon enough

Originally Posted by brandonjansen View Post
Fair enough. But just because you like 4" lifts doesn't mean a 6" lift is way too big like you previously stated. Because in reality it's only 2" taller.
I didn't say a 6" lift was "way too big".
He was asking for opinions on lift size and tire size, I gave mine.

Originally Posted by brandonjansen View Post
My age has nothing to do with it.
Yes actually it does. With age comes experience.
I've not only as I stated been working on and tuning cars before you were born, my brother was also a car mechanic and builder and I'd "help" him for years. I am also good friends with many tuners and worked closely with them for years.

Originally Posted by brandonjansen View Post
If you want to get into a pissing match like that I could argue that I've worked on cars worth twice as much as your house and that have been in Sema building engines, transmissions, rear ends, bringing them drag racing, all that jazz. But that' has nothing to do with a Ram truck which is what this forum is about. I also have 15 times the amount of posts than you on this forum so it's highly likely that I've done my research and talked to tons of guys about all this stuff where you haven't.
It's not a "pissing match". You came on here quoting and replying to every one of my points saying I was wrong. LOL
Clearly you felt you knew more and tried to post that, so I let you know, I am essentially twice your age and before you were a twinkle in your parents eye's I had owned several cars already and had been modding them for years.
So it would be like a junior college graduate telling a tenured professor he was wrong on all his points. A bit arrogant, and quite frankly wrong on your part.
As for post on this forum.
Once again, I've been a member of auto forums since 1998. You were barely learning to ride a bike without training wheels at that point.

I never discredited you, just pointed out, your age tells me you have far less experience about cars than I, so as I said, "no disrespect". It was you who disrespected my responses.

Originally Posted by brandonjansen View Post
As far as the gearing goes, you still aren't realizing the difference between city and highway driving. Yes on the highway where you get up to speed and you stay there having 3.21's would be a better option because they keep your RPM lower. But as I stated, in the city where you are constantly accelerating and stopping having lower gears is better because it makes the engine work less to get the wheels and tires turning. If you think I'm wrong with this why is everyone ordering 3.92 gears stock or changing to 4.10's and 4.56's with bigger tires? By your logic everyone should have the highest gears possible.
Once again, it's you not understanding.
I know what gearing is and what it isn't.
I'd swapped out rear axle ratios in my first Mustang 5.0 before you were born.

The op pointed out that he was only getting 14 mpg on his new truck.
I mentioned that he needs to give it some time for some break in, and asked if he had 3.92's
Because the FACT of the matter is, on his STOCK truck (as it is now and as I was responding too) you will get worse gas mileage, especially on the highway, with 3.92's than you would with 3.21's
What exactly about that are you arguing about and don't understand.

I also clearly stated, that of course, IF or when he puts larger diameter tires on his truck, he would want the 3.92's and that's because the larger diameter tires essentially raise his gear ratio BACK down to 3.92 or even closer to 3.55 if his tires are tall enough.
I also clearly stated that of course with the larger tires you would NOT want 3.21 gears as you'd need to be heavier on the throttle to get the truck moving which eats into the gas.
Again, what part of those points of mine did YOU not understand and are arguing about?

Originally Posted by brandonjansen View Post
Again, I agree that you will add more fuel by adding more air. Make sense. But you still didn't get the point about the engine not working as hard. Because it's easier to get the air in (and out with a free flowing exhaust) the engine doesn't have to work as hard which DOES give you slightly better fuel economy. I'm not saying it's a lot... but there would be a slight difference.
I understand what you are saying, but what I said was, in my experience with CAI's and exhaust, the CAI has never given me better fuel economy.
What it gives me is more air into and by the MAF, which then compensates by adding more fuel, which gives you more power and less fuel economy.
I also stated, that I have never really tested the fuel economy benefits of adding an exhaust, as I've never added an exhaust without other mods.
But again, my point was, if you are driving the truck or car leisurely, you don't NEED a CAI.
It's not going to suck in any more air at leisure driving than a stock box would, because at leisure driving it doesn't NEED to.
At 1/4 throttle, you'll see zero power gains from a CAI than a stock box.
My other point was, if you are adding a CAI chances are you are desiring more power. If you desire better fuel economy, buying a truck should not be your priority. And further, even if you do, lifting it and putting larger tires on, surely is not the way to go, if MPG is your concern.

Originally Posted by brandonjansen View Post
And once again, you aren't getting the difference between a city and highway truck.

So no offense buddy but coming on here and giving me shit (and other people) for my age and not having experience when you don't even have a Ram doesn't seem like the smartest move. I'm much sooner going to listen to all the other members on here that actually have a Ram and have lifted it, put bigger tires on, and changed the gears.

So again, like I said. If you're just hear to start a pissing match with everyone then don't bother. If you actually have some valuable advice to give that will help out the OP and the rest of the community then go for it but cut it down to just that. I also suggest you actually have experience with an actual RAM before you go shooting your mouth off about all of it.
Grow up kid!

I don't have any desire to debate this further, and your youthful arrogance is disrespectful and retarded.
I know what my experiences are and I shared them.
If yours are different, great, but don't come on a forum and tell a person twice your age who has boatloads of experience with autos that his experience is wrong and expect that I won't respond to those disrespectful assumptions on your part.
Good day.
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