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Originally Posted by CoachRyan View Post
BlackRamHemi: How in the world are you putting into the low 5s? I know I don't have much but with the 93 octane Trinity tune and a few other drop ins I'm barely pushing 6.85. And that is a pushing it. [Side note that is one great lookin truck ya got there!!!]
Two Words....Torque Converter
Hands down the best $500 I ever spent on my Ram.

Contact Andre at Edge Racing Converters, or Chris at Circle D
I went from 2.3's to 1.8's on my 60 foot times at the track instantly.

My TC is a Street Edge 2800 set up for 3000rpm,
with a 2.2 STR (Stall to Torque Ratio)

a TC is not a one size fits all application you need to tell the pro's what you have and what you're trying to accomplish, then they custom build it to your needs

I emailed Andre at Edge and he got back to me within minutes. I gave him my specs/mods told him my future plans and goals.
Primarily a Daily Driver (90% City) RCSB 4x4 , 5200lbs on 305/50R20 Grapplers (street) with 3.55 gears and Weekend warrior at the track on 28" DR's. Never used for towing or hauling.

I told him up next is JBA Shorty Headers and a Fastman 85mm TB
I'm aiming for closer to a 13.5 quarter and definitely want my 60' below 2.0 seconds

With so much TM on these trucks combined with a crap stock converter,
I dont see it happening without an expensive gear swap to 4.56's (front and rear on my 4x4 would be $3000+ with a DTT locker in Canada)

Here's his reply:

Hello Mike, and Thanks for inquiring,
I recommend a custom configured converter from our "Street Edge" series, with stall set at 2800-3000 rpm, and STR set at 2.20.

This converter is fully furnace brazed, and all wear surfaces are fitted for enclosed Torrington bearings. The drive hub, and spline insert are upgraded to 4130 chrome moly.

The lock up is upgraded using the latest "high carbon" frictions, and the cover side is one piece billet.

Warranted for two full years, with our 100% money back, satisfaction guarantee.

The "Street Edge" 5-45rfe sells for 525.00 plus shipping.

You should have no problem meeting your 60' goals on the drag radials.

Please let me know if you have other questions, or contact me direct at 805-xxx-xxxx


You dont need a tuner to get around TM, just a better Torque Converter
Trust me, I can blast past Torque Management even without my tuner loaded.
Stock stall bogs at 2200 rpm, TM steals your joy until you hit 2800-3000 rpm right?

Put in a 2800-3000 stall and bypass the crippling effects of Torque Management...even without a tuner.

I cant believe more peeps haven't figured this out yet

Launching with a 3000 stall is a whole new Truck

Ever ride a dirt bike?
pop the clutch at low rpm and you bog off the line until you slowly get into the powerband right?

Now try it again with your rev's significantly higher when you pop the clutch and you are into the powerband almost instantly.

A Higher Stall TC will make your auto trans act more like a manual where you pop the clutch at 3000RPM and its like you're shot out of cannon.

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