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Originally Posted by ModifiedBEAST View Post
a bolt is broke off into the front yoke for the 4x4 driveshaft. i was gonna just take the yoke off and let a friend remove the broken bolt. any advice on removing the yoke? the whole thing spins. i have a bad vacuum line or something so it wont lock into place. or should i leave it on drill the bolt out. the drill i tried using was a pos. should i also heat the bolt up?

i looked and rear only has skyjacker shocks. looks like i'll need 2 or 3 inch blocks in the rear. they just sit under the leaf springs?
found the kit on, comes with longer u bolts and block. should i do 2 or 3"?

should i leave bug shield on or remove? in the first pic, i started removing the middle piece.
looks plain to me now.

white stripes? figure i can try it, if it looks ugly, i'll peel them off. going to use matte white plastidip. can do vinyl but only if i like it.

should i add a 4th gen "1500" emblem beside the RAM emblems?

i have the 4th gen 4x4 emblem on the right side of the tail gate. was thinking of adding DODGE or RAM to the left side.

should i add cab lights?
I would drill but I have a decent drill that hasn't failed me yet lol. maybe a little heat, but don't go turning it molten red either.

so your saying your rear has no blocks at all?! they have them from the factory, 99-01 at least. if you don't have anything, then definitely get a block! Idk if you'll need 2 or 3. take it to a level parking lot and measure from the ground to the top arch of your fenders wheel well, front and back. typically you want the numbers to be as close as possible for a leveled look, so based off what you measure, buy what will work.

and your other questions... bro it's all up to you. it's your truck, add what looks good to you and take off what you don't like. I ditched my ugly stock bumper as it drooped, and fabbed up brackets to bolt on an 08 front bumper. it's all about how you want it to look like.

personally, I don't dig bug sheilds, badges or emblems, and the color white LOL!! I usually strip all my badges and emblems and black out everything. but that's just me, and I've seen a few rams with those things on em that look absolutely amazing.

BTW, making stripes with plasti-dip first is a solid idea. it's temporary enough to tell if you like it, and looks good too
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