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Originally Posted by autobred View Post
the ford rcsb is running about a half second faster n/a with mods than a gen 4 ram modded n/a according to all the threads, forums, et slips, etc... Ive seen dragpac laydown mid 12s runs n/a at MIR personally.
I'm not disputing anything he said. I was actually just funning about the difficulties of a twin overhead cam swap. And I'm currious about his pros and cons doing it and the cam specs...that's all. I live around Lake Charles, La and haven't seen any streeters (5.0 trucks) that fast around here. Lots of 11 sec Chevy S10 streeters but haven't seen any Fords hanging with them. I might be in the 13's at best and I haven't seen any eco boost, Raptor or 5.0 give me a close race yet, no pun intended. Not saying they aren't out there...I'm always looking for them. Never paid much attention to the 5.0's after dusting a freinds CC. Guess I'll have to check them out now. Currious as to why he would get rid of a faster truck in place of a slower one. Just to let you know, I am a dedicated Mopar fannatic but I would buy a 5.0 Mustang @10k cheaper than even an SRT8 Core if it were'nt for the 10' timing chain and scarey sounding multiple cam swaps. I do like them though, nice and reasonable price for that much muscle but need to learn more about them. All said, funny you mention them laying down good times. Every Ford I raced gave up in less than an 1/8 mile of racing...sometimes within the first block. Same thing with two Tundras I raced, they all gave up so none of them have impressed me. I have to admit, I never ran a 5.0 RCSB that I'm aware of but I'll be looking for them now. Anyway, congrats to Dragpac for his 12 sec truck and same to the OP here for beating a 5.0. I hope he can do better with his 13 RT. EDIT: Btw, are you talking about Boss5.0? He's the only truck I see in the twelves on their forums. I see a couple in the 13's modded but I don't see any more than I do with Hemi Rams. As a matter of fact I see both stock and modded 4'th gen hemis doing better than them. I could have went to the wrong forum looking

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