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Default 2010 TRX4 Tire Help for Newbie

I have a 2010 TRX4 Quad Cab and need new tires. The stock Goodyears are 275/70 R17's. I do not want to lift the truck or replace the wheels. I would like to go to a 285/70R17 but here is my problem. The Wrangler AT/S that came on the truck were a 6 ply tire. I drive my truck 99% of the time empty to work and back, but 3-4 times a year I haul a 14' trailer with 4 full sized utility ATV's. I estimate that to weigh maybe 5000-5500lbs. I get mixed messages from tires shops about replacement tires. All say the 285's will fit, but some tell me to get a 10 ply E rated tire while others say to go with a 4 ply and save the money for what I do I do not need them. To me the 10 ply is way overkill and they cost more. Ride is important. I think many recommend the 10 ply because a 6 or 8 ply rated tire in my size are far and few between and they have the 10 ply on hand. Also, I would like to stay in an AT line of tires. My question to everyone is do any of you run 4 ply on your 1/2 ton truck and how are they working for you? Do you know of a 6 or 8 ply rated tire that you would recommend? Do you have any tire recommendation for the 285 size? Any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I need tires ASAP.
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