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Originally Posted by HOTRODHARLEY View Post
Coatings aren't worth 20HP... Yes they help with keeping the heat in somewhat. But lets face it. Once the primaries hit 1000 F coating or not it's hot hot hot under the hood. Hot lapping at the track is the inevitable... And after a few years of use silver ceramic coatings look like shit on a daily driver.

If you can afford it do it... If not it's not the end of the world... Stainless headers can take a beating
I didn't say that, I said a lack of coating and proper tuning LT's can leave 20HP on the table. Read it again.

Originally Posted by BlackRamHemi View Post

...and no a Bully Dog is not going to help you,
LT's should really be custom tuned to get the full HP/TQ benefits.

No Coating and no would have been better off with shorties
Why spend that kind of Ca$h on LT's only to piss away 20HP ???

My bud's Titanium Coated stainless steel JBA shorties before/after one Canadian Winter
(and the reason he's had his new ARH's Silver Ceramic Coated this time)
vs my Silver Ceramic Coated JBA shorties, that have been on even longer.

Before pic' May 2012

after, April 2013

mine still look new with Silver Ceramic Coating

just a little dirty/dusty , no rust I'll hit the car wash soon and try another pic
its harder to see when not shooting through the wheel well

a little dirty but no rust at all.

I can place my bare fingers within a half inch after hot lapping,
try that with stainless you will get burned.

To each his own, If you'd rather have $300 in your pocket
than protecting your investment, making it last longer while making it perform to it's maximum capabilities, have at her boys

Ask anyone who actually races their truck, it's worth every penny

Grant's (catsltd) ARH coated inside and out for $350 (in Canada) two years ago, and they still look new
...on his 13.5 second daily driver long-box Canadian "Work" truck.

Originally Posted by catsltd View Post
I keep hearing members talking about not needing to coat there headers.
Are you Kidding Me.

Uncoated LT headers along with secondarys will literally Bake your motor,and I mean Bake.
All your rubber hoses,wiring just about everything will be affected by the extra heat.
Im not talking 10 degress here,Im talking 30-40 degrees difference.
I used to run Uncoated LT Kooks headers on my 03 hemi,and if I sat at a light long enuff my engine would start to overheat.
Yes I was using a electric fan but as soon as I got them coated the electric fan didnt even come on anymore period.
Overheating alluminum heads with a cast iron block is just asking for trouble.

Now back to throwing away HP.
Scavenging of the exhaust gasses all has to do with speed,the slower the exhaust gasses flow the less scavenging of your exhaust.
So if you coat your headers and secondarys you will keep the heat on the inside of the exhaust, where its needed to keep the exhaust gasses flowing as fast as possible.
Pulling the spent exhaust gasses out of your motor is key.

Im not going to sit and argue with anyone about this,if you dont believe me,then prove to everyone im wrong.
If someone is really serious about getting uncoated headers,then do everyone a favor.

1.Do a before and after dyno pull so we can see how much HP your uncoated headers dont make compared to coated header dyno pulls.
Ill even throw in 50 bucks for the test,but it has to be a fair test,hood closed, air filter installed,anyone doing a dyno differently is not helping anyone with there results.

2.On a hot day in traffic or at the track put a thermometer under your hood and see what your cooking with those uncoated headers,compare it to a stock trucks exhaust and or coated headers,it will be at least 20 degrees hotter.

3.Show us your track times before and after,and let everyone come to there own conclusions.

We argued and still argue this in the 3g forum,the only reason people can come with with arguments is because its cheaper not to have them coated.

Not a vary compelling argument if you ask me.

I hope everyone does there homework before considering Not to coat them,theres thousands on articles about exhaust scavenging,and underhood temp effecting power,dont take my work for it.

I hope some of you guys reading this thread read these columns;

Just a couple more the first couple posts.
Same story.
Heres 1 more;

If you find 1 single article on the net that says uncoated headers have a benfit let me know.
I coulnt.

Sorry if I'm running too long on explanations, even if I cant convince everyone,
if this makes at least one person think twice about coating their headers I've done my best to inform.

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