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There was a forum on here that i followed also googled it and found good info on it. I did mine and it was very cold outside but was really easy
drop the column
remove radio
remove the outer covers on dash
get the bolts out the dash lays forward then the whole heater core box is right in front of you take the hoses loose and the clip that holds it and swap the cores out.

I started mine at 8 in the morning cleaned every piece with son of a gun and simple green before putting it back together. got it done went to wal-mart for groceries and was home by10 that night for real it was not hard

just spend a little extry time to clean the anti freeze out of the box after all if you unplug the wires you can take the whole thing inside to the tub and was it out.

Don't forget you must discharge your a/c so do not do that the farm boy way inside the garage.

google it there are very good pics of all the bolts out there
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