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Originally Posted by clintbrown80 View Post
I bought a new 2013 dodge ram less than a week ago. 3 days ago the signal to the uconnect/911 service/assist stopped completely. I have been on the phone with uconnect customer service and they say that everything is fine on their end. They suggested that since the uconnect icon on my 8.4a touchscreen doesn't have the '3G' symbol in the upper right side of the icon and no signal bars in the lower right hand of the uconnect icon, then I am not getting a signal thru to the truck. I am in a fully covered area as Dodge uses Sprint service of which I also have Sprint for my mobile phone service, so I know that the area is good for coverage. Also, when I turn my truck on about 30 seconds after I do so, I get an error message on the touchscreen that says "Vehicle Phone Requires Service. Please contact your dealer" This error message has a red banner across the top of the screen that says 9-1-1 Vehicle Phone. I have researched forums and the only thing I could find that addresses it is a way to get into the engineering menu thru holding down the cool and warm hard buttons after the system boots up, and do a factory reset. I performed that function and reset everything, but it did not work to correct the issue. I took my truck to a dealership and they said they have never seen that error before and are working on it. They claimed to have fixed it and when i went to pick my truck up, immediately the same problem occured. so my truck that I have had less than a week is sitting at the dealership waiting for them to find a solution to it.

My tought process is that if the vehicle phone isn't getting a signal, then something is wrong with the antenna. I have no other problems with the system or truck. I can do everything else easily and without any issues. the bluetooth works, sat radio, reg radio, everything else works fine. Has anyone seen this issue? Or has anyone dealt with the issue and found a solution that I can pass along to the dealership?

Any help or suggestions would be great!
1) Okay here is my issue with the UCONNECT 8.4. 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 purchased 6/2013. Sometimes I lose the screen all together. Goes completely black and will not come back until I turn off the vehicle for a little bit and then turn it back on and the screen comes back on. Now during the screen outage the volume continues to work to change the volume but nothing else. Now mind you sometimes I lose SIRIUS radio signal....but this is not the same....this is the entire screen going totally black and not ever coming back unless I turn of the vehicle....let set a while and then turn back on.
2) Also I have programmed preset channels and stations both on FM and on SAT. When the screen completely blacks out....sometimes....sometimes....I completely lose all my presets on SAT but not on FM.
3) Sometimes the Voice recognition button will not work on the steering column to communicate with the UCONNECT 8.4. Sometimes the channel change buttons and the volume buttons on the steering column will not communicate with the UCONNECT 8.4.
4) Annoyingly also, the preset garage door opener that I have programmed only works sometimes. Makes no difference if at night, in the day, raining, sunny...whatever. Only works sometimes.
5) Almost seems as if I have some type of electrical issue within the vehicle as well as possibly the UCONNECT 8.4 needs some type of upgrade software. Or would an electrical problem within the vehicle be the cause of all these problems. I am so frustrated I am ready to take this vehicle back to the dealer and shove it up their nose.
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