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Originally Posted by RadioFlyer View Post
It is no fairy tale, it does help cool your engine better. The thermostat opens at 180-185 for a keep it OPERATING at that temperature. It allows water to circulate through your engine earlier than a stock 203 thermostat. This means cool water from the radiator will circulate through the engine at 180 degrees instead of 203. It is then up to the fans to keep the water cool and assist the thermostat. A 180 tstat may get hotter under stress and rise above 200 degrees but it won't be as bad if it were starting form a temperature of 203. And I don't care what, tech or who ever says, it's NOT good to run your engine at 235 degrees and above. If you are towing and it's running higher than normal temps then find a solution to the PROBLEM. That's what it is, a problem...find a fix whether it's add larger/extra coolers/finned pans or what...fix it. If anyone is having a temperature problem when towing, I suggest you try a 180 for yourself. Keeping your engine temps low is MUCH easier then trying to lower high engine temps. Ask any trans tech, for those who tow heavy it's always a good idea to install an aftermarket trans cooler on top of your cheezy oem cooler. If you are working your engine twice as hard then you should cool it twice as much. For those who have tuners fans do help as long as you set them to come on and stay on to cool the water in the radiator when needed.
Is it in here where I say the tsat will stop it from overheating?
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