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Originally Posted by topgun View Post
This new diesel has more hp and a lot more torque than the older Ram Cummins engines that people rave about. As for performance, go and watch a review of this engine in the Jeep GC. The testers can't get over how quick it is. This is not some clunky slug of an engine. The oil changes are not bad either as the intervals are higher than a gasser. A lot of places, diesel is cheaper than gas, and rightly so because it is not as refined as gas. The DEF fluid is also relatively cheap when purchased at a truck stop. And it is supposed to have enough to last for an entire oil change so not really an issue. If you use the truck for towing, don't need the 800-850 ft lbs of torque of the Cummins, and don't like a screaming high reving Hemi when towing on hills, this is the answer. All the while getting almost double the mileage of a Hemi towing a heavy load. I think this engine will be a huge hit.
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Originally Posted by skytop View Post
Dodge's light duty small diesel carries the $2,850 premium price on TOP OF the cost of the Hemi 5.7 option. Remember, this is a light duty diesel and not to be even remotely confused with the mighty Cummins engine.
Diesel fuel cost on average 11% to 12% more per gallon plus the cost of urea. Don't forget to add in the more expensive oil and filter changes. Finally, driving a diesel forces you to develop a good deal of patience due to the relative lack of performance of the package.
If mpg is your major goal, the Pentastar engine is a far better economical choice. If towing is your objective, the Cummins is the clear choice. With the new 8 speed tranny, the 5.7 Hemi offers a valid balance of satisfying power, versatility and moderate economy plus the ever important fun factor.
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