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Originally Posted by Red-Stripe View Post
It's all about proportions.
4WD drives all 4 wheels despite what some post here.
Unlocked diffs are equal torque designs, so if the friction and weight under your tire are close: you get the same power to all 4 wheels.
Think of it this way: Neither opposing wheel can receive more torque from the vehicle than it's connected opposing wheel. So if one rear wheel is on asphalt, and the other is on ice, the one on asphalt can not receive any more torque than the one on ice. Normal 4WD works so well, because the vehicle is moving and the weight loading on the wheels is constantly changing, giving the 4 wheels the "average" of the friction limit.
Originally Posted by Red-Stripe View Post
I expect criticism from a post I might make in haste with bias or sarcasm from someone with a educated, legitimate counter view.
Since I wrote words of fact only, with no bias, or sarcasm, and you only try to attack what I wrote,
Please correct what I wrote that is not true.
I'll start over since I didn't realize I was attacking your post. My apologies for being harsh.

It is my understanding that when a vehicle with an open differnetial encounters a low traction surface, it directs power to the wheel with the least amount of traction. This results in the wheel on the low traction side spining while the opposite wheel with high traction receives little to no power. This is due to the low traction wheel not providing proper resistance to the side gear to spin the carrier and transfer power to the oppposing wheel. The carrier pinion gears (also known as spider gears) and the carrier simply rotate around the side gear with the most traction and nothing gets passed on.

Originally Posted by ArmyofOne View Post
Personally, I see no NEED for the LSD if you have 4x4.

With that said, I would take the 3.92 every time. Run FAR FAR away from the 3.21. I have had 3.55 and 3.92, I could not imagine how ungodly slow this thing would be with 3.21 and 4wd. holy hell.
No need for an LSD...have you ever been to the beach or done any off-roading. There have been many times driving thru fields in CO with my Dad where his 3rd Gen would've benefited from a limited slip. Instead we had to back up and use more speed which isn't always the best answer and you are just more susceptible to breakage.
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