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I am pretty much in the exact same situation as you right now. brand new balljoints, track bar, u-joints, everything else is tight in the front end and i still have a dead spot in my steering and the same popping/clunking "feel" when i accelerate, brake or hit bumps. the only thing left for me to check was either the steering shaft or the steering box itself. check for play in your steering box by first taking off the steering shaft and jostling the input shaft to see if there is axial play. mine has axial play, and a distinct "snap" when rotating the steering wheel back and forth about 4".

WRT the tie rod ends, oddly enough, just yesterday i noticed the same issue with mine. i simply adjusted the turnbuckle slightly so that it would not bottom out and cause the nasty sounding metal on metal "clunk" when rotating the tie rod.

i'd suggest you check your track bar bushings, control arm bushings, shock bushings, and replace those sway bar bushings. if everything looks solid you might be in the same boat as me and require a new steering box. i've tried adjusting mine using the proper method outlined in the FSM (preload then over-center adjustment) and it only caused more friction in the box; no effect on preciseness. ones from the junker are only $20 and are used on some GM trucks, so I might try that or drop the dough on a redhead....

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