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Originally Posted by RedSmart View Post
The only way I could agree with this post more is if I had typed it myself!!

We as a society rely on the very people that we condemn for "collecting data" on us.

If a friend or family member gets hurt or killed (god forbid), don't we want the police to pull up the security cameras to see if they can catch the person who committed the crime?

One only has to look at the Boston bombing to see that video surveillance is a brilliant thing!

I for one don't care how many cameras are installed an where.....(change rooms and bathrooms perhaps excluded), but the more we have the safer I feel.

I look at England as just one example of a huge network of cameras that has caught more than it's fair share of illegal activity, and have quickly and effectively caught the bad guy(s).

If you aren't doing anything against the law, then why worry?

And before you ask........yes I would have my taxes raised to help support said equipment!
Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. - Benjamin Franklin

If I'm not doing anything wrong, why are they watching me?
You feel safe knowing a camera will be there to record something horrible happening to someone? Wouldn't it be better to prevent it in the first place? You don't do that with cameras. That approach reminds me of a scene in "Full Metal Jacket" when the DI finds one guy has a jelly donut. So, he punishes everyone else then tells the soldier, "Here! They're paying for it, you eat it!" I wonder just how much more bassackwards things can get.
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