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Default 6" RCX lift with Bilsteins at 1.4" Installed on 35's

So I finally took the plunge and order up a 6" RCX lift with kicker bars and Bilsteins a couple weeks ago. With Bully's Performance July 4th sale the deal was just too good to pass up!

Picked up it Wednesday after work and the first thing I did was open up all the boxes and layout the parts on the floor to do a quick visual inspection and make sure everything was there. Next step was to paint the spindles. I've heard multiple people talk about how the spindles rust fairly quickly and that's definitely something I wanted to avoid. I ran out and got some Tremclad Premier series primer and grey paint and put it on. I would have liked to have a darker grey (I thought this would come out darker) but the grey it ended up being actually matches the back springs and shocks fairly well so I'm happy with it.

As soon as I got home from work Thursday me and a couple buddy's started ripping the front end of the truck apart. Obviously removing some of the nuts was a bit of a pain, especially the ball joint ones. But with some liquid wrench and the right tools it all came apart fairly smoothly. The only issue we ran in to was that I didn't have a 35mm socket to get the CV shaft nut off so we had to run out and buy one. The upper diff brackets are also a bit of a pain to get at. It's definitely helpful to have a swivel socket and a long extension. But the end of that night we had the diff reinstalled with the new drop brackets on.

Friday after work me and a buddy started going at it again. The rest of the front install went fairly smoothly. The worst part was taking apart the front struts and changing everything over to the Bilsteins. For some reason my Bilsteins didn't come with any instructions. I talked to Andrew (at Bully's Performance) and he sent me a link to a write up which explained it fairly well and is what I would have done so that was reassuring. But getting the nuts off the stock struts was definitely a task!! The other issue we ran into was the front sway bar links. I looked at them and the hardware that came with them and already figured something was wrong. Sure enough I looked at the picture in the instructions and they were nothing close to what I was sent. I'm pretty sure the ones they gave me are for the back sway bar on a 4" lift. I emailed Andrew about it and he got back to me the same night saying he'd be talking to Rough Country and his suppliers right away to get the issue resolved. By the end of the night we had the front entirely together and back on it's wheels and were ready to start the back.

Saturday morning I got up pretty early and started on the back. Everything went really well back there. Within about 2.5 hours we had everything completely buttoned up and sitting back on the wheels. The most difficult part was probably drilling the holes for the track bar drop bracket and installing the springs. Neither of which were that hard at all. After that I had a few hours before my alignment appointment so we threw on the kicker bars. As long as you have a good, sharp half inch drill bit this won't be hard at all.... since mine was super dull it definitely took some work. Another thing you have to be very sure of with the kicker bars is that you drill the hole in the exact right location. Use a centre punch and double check it before you drill. My bit ended up walking on me a little bit putting my hole out by approximately 1/8" inch. I had to use a digrinder to oblong it a little bit and put the bolt it.

Rough Country's estimated install time of 7-8 hours is a little underestimated IMO. I'm normally pretty quick with stuff like this and it definitely took me longer than that, even with a friends help. I'd say I probably had 10-11 hours into it total. But that was taking my time making sure we did everything 100% correct and making sure everything was tight. Obviously this isn't an area you want to chince out on. Take your time, do it right!

Overall I'm very happy with this kit. It's everything I expect it would be if not more. The truck rides and drives very well. Better than stock because of the Bilsteins IMO. Because the sway bar links aren't in the front yet it definitely rolls a lot, but obviously that will be much better once the right links are in. I'll probably need to drive it a bit more to get it all to settle down and into the right place. From there I'll go back and re-tighten everything. I'm assuming it will also be sitting more even once everything falls into place and wears in a bit.

Here are my measurements now with the lift:

44.5" 44.25"
44.875" 45.75"

Roof (top of satellite antenna): 83.25

I have a feeling the back is a little crocked from the springs not being fully seated in yet. Next weekend I'll remeasure and take a closer look at everything.

Once again I have to give a huge shout out to Bully's Performance and Andrew specifically. As I said their pricing was just too good to pass up. Andrew was incredibly helpful throughout this order and the past few months when I was talking to him about lift set ups and ordering and all that. He also put up with me constantly bugging him about tracking information and when it was going to be here and stuff like that. Every time I asked he was looking into it right away and finding out the information I needed to know. Whether it was tracking information, how many boxes were coming, instructions for Bilsteins or whatever it may be, he was on it. I give full props to both Andrew and Bully's Performance. As I have said on the forum before they are by far the best company I have ever dealt with in person or online. Their customer service is top notch!!

Pictures will be in the next two posts below. Feel free to ask any questions about the install, set up, or anything else on my truck. I'll try to answer the best I can.

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