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Originally Posted by madhatr02 View Post
I had been talking on another thread to guy in Canada about my trip and he made some good points so I figured I would get some more info.

I am leaving in 1 month and driving to Canada on a Moose hunt.

Any suggestions, tips, ideas etc on things to do / not to do while in Canada?

I have been around the world but that was in the military. I will be traveling by myself.

I don't mean like sights to see, but one guy mentioned cell phones, never thought of that.

In Texas I drive 5mph over the speed limit everywhere I go and the cops don't even look twice. I will prepare to not do this and not exceed the speed limit but any other driving tips?

I am sure it is no big deal and will be boring but any advice would be appreciated.
It all depends on where you are going in Canada.

For the most part speeding is not a big deal depending on how fast you go.

City streets I would suggest nothing more than 10KM an hour over....remember KM not miles!

The only real acceptation to that rule would be driving through a school zone during school hours.

If you are on a highway and the speed limit is posted at 100km, you are typically safe doing 115km/hr and in Toronto on the 401, 403, 407 120km is usually safe too.

Don't forget we are not a gun friendly country, so make sure to declare all your weapons that you are bringing with you.

Hand guns will likely not be allowed as we can't use those for hunting.

Stopping into a coffee shop for a coffee? If you drink your coffee with two sugar and two cream then just ask for a double double. If you want it with 3 sugars and 3 creams then its called a triple triple.

Oddly enough if you want 1 of each, it's just called a regular coffee. Sometimes you will be asked what that is, but for the most part people know.

We have 1 dollar coins called Loonies, and two dollar coins called Twoonies, the pennies have been discontinued.

If your total bill comes to say $5.03 they will round it up to $5.05. If it comes to $5.02 they will round it down to $5.00.

We also have new paper money that feels like plastic, but it's real. Be careful when giving that money to somebody because sometimes two bills will get stuck together.

Not that I think this has ever happened, but I've heard people claim that they got suckered when someone gave the Canadian Tire money as change.

Canadian Tire is a chain store across Canada, that has it's own "currency" if you will. Like I said I think it's more a story than fact, but thought that I would mention it.

I mentioned this to someone on here before, but make sure that you get a phone package from your home state rather than just jumping on our lines up here. If our carriers work like your carriers do, then you could end up losing your first born to the stupidly high rates when you get your bill once back home.

WiFi up here works as the same there. Get a password and join in for free.

McDonalds is a good place for free WiFi, but so is Starbucks and Tim Horton's.

Speaking of Tim Horton's. That has become a Canadian icon for some strange reason. Tim's is the coffee shop of choice for most of Canada, but Starbucks would be it's closest rival.....or visa versa. (west coasters don't get mad at me about that). LOL......

As mentioned, make sure that you don't use a hand held device of any kind whilst driving or else you will get ticketed. That includes using your phone as a GPS.

If I can think of anything else I will let you know, conversely if you have any questions just ask.

Enjoy your trip.

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